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Wexner Graduate Fellowship

Leadership development for Jewish communal professionals in graduate schools and the field

History and Partnerships

The Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program was established in 1988 by The Wexner Foundation to encourage promising candidates to successfully meet the challenges of professional Jewish leadership in the North American Jewish community. Wexner Graduate Fellowships  are awarded to 23 outstanding individuals who seek to prepare themselves through graduate training or professional development for careers in the Cantorate, Jewish Education, Jewish Professional Leadership, Jewish Studies, and the Rabbinate.

In 2005, Leslie and Abigail Wexner launched a philanthropic partnership with William z"l and Karen Davidson and continues now with the William Davidson Foundation. This partnership established an annual cohort of 10 Davidson Scholars as part of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship. Owing to this collaboration, 10 fellows in each new fellowship class are selected in the career areas of Jewish Education and Jewish Professional Leadership and designated as Davidson Scholars.

In 2012, The Wexner Foundation embarked on a partnership with the Jim Joseph Foundation to further enhance its work in developing Jewish professional leadership. As part of this partnership, incoming Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholar cohorts will include three “Field Fellows.”  Wexner Field Fellowships will be awarded to three individuals working full-time in a Jewish communal organization, who are seeking professional growth and committed to serving in the community for at least two-years beyond the active four-year fellowship stage.