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WGF Summer Institute Supplemental Materials

Check out photos from the Institute on Flickr and download the Gender Jams playlist

Supplemental Materials by Fellows 

Mollie Feldman - Mental Load at Home and Office

Vanessa Harper - Where there's Flour, there's Torah

Rebecca Zimmerman Hornstein
 - The Jewish Ethics of Staying at Hotels
 - The Fair Hotel Difference Graphic
 - The Fair Hotel Summary
 - Advocates Push for Stronger Measures

Dalia Krusner - Gender-Bending in Israeli Literature

Yitz Landes - Food, Gender and Ritual

David Manchester and Taylor Winfield - Men are from Mars

Tuvy Miller - The Woman of Valor-Can She be Found

Ben Perlstein - Jewish Vocational Leadership

Ezra Seligsohn - Journey into the Sea

Tilly Shames - Mahjong Instructions

Maya Zinkow - Brit, Blood and the Body of the Modern Jew


Supplemental Materials by Faculty Members


Dr. Joy Ladin

 Gender, God and Us
 - Excerpts for Spiritual Autobiography
 - Ozick Essay
 - Plaskow: Right Question is Theological

 Queer Midrash: Abraham, Sarah and God
 - Aviv: Going to and Becoming Ourselves
 - Bible Trouble: Already Queer Preface
 - Excerpt from Ginzberg
 - Excerpts from Queer Midrash class
 - Hammer: Queering the Torah

 Re-Imagining Humanity
 - Dame Lilith Which Lilith
 - Excerpt from Ginzberg
 - Lapidus: Eden  
 - Myers: The Midrashic Enterprise of Contemporary Jewish Women
 - Plaskow: Midrash 
 - Rosenfeld: You take Lilith, I'll take Eve
 - Smith: How Cruel is the Story of Eve
 - Trible: Depatriarchalizing 

The Genesis of Gender
 - Excerpt from Genesis Rabbah
 - Excerpts from Genesis of Gender
 - Trible: Gen 2 and 3

Rabbi Mike Moskowitz
 - Allyship as Spiritual Practice
 - I am a Boy, and These are my Clothes

Rabbi Aviva Richman

 - If Your Vagina Could Talk
 - Nedarim 20
 - Do God's Words Belong on our Bodies
 - Is Feminist Tzniut an Oxymoron
 - Rabbinic Voices on Sexual Assault
 - Vagina Monologues Meet the Talmud

Rabbi Joanna Samuels
 - #MeToo - #UsToo
 - Judaism, Feminism and this Intersectional Moment
 - Mah Nishtanah - What's Different about this Feminist Movement
 - Creating Equitable, Safe and Just Workplaces

Dr. Rivka Press Schwartz
 - Nontoxic Masculinity
 - Shomer Shidduchim Oh My
 - Why 'Can women have it all?' is the wrong question
 - Wrestling with God and Man

Justin Rosen Smolen
Four Case Studies Through a Wexnery Lens
 - LGBTQ Identity and Terminology Chart
 - LGBTQ Terminology 
 - Our Words Matter
 - Quick Guide to Inclusive-Welcoming
 - Supporting Someone who Comes Out to you as Trans