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WGFA Career Challenge Groups 2015

Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program Alumni Institute 2015
Tuesday, February 17, 9:00-10:30am

What do I need to do to plan my career, plan for next steps?
Facilitated by Julie Lambert in Biscayne

Wendy Amsellem
Joshua Cypess
Serena Eisenberg
Jeremy Fink
Avi Killip
Julie Lambert
Sari Laufer
Rachel Lerner
Samantha Pohl
Abby Sosland
Erin Stiebel
Suzy Stone
Lewis Warshauer
Joshua Waxman
Melissa Werbow

How can I best manage transitions from one role to another, e.g. student to
professional, transitioning out of my organization, or shifting the type of work I do?
Facilitated by Shana Teig Kantor in Sawgrass

Evelyn Baz
Sandra Cohen
Julie Finkelstein
Shana Kantor
Daniel Kirzane
Chaviva Levin
Chaviva Levin
Jenny Solomon

How can I best manage up to my supervisor and/or manage from the middle within my organization’s hierarchy?
Facilitated by Megan Goldman in the President’s Board Room

Megan Goldman
Rachel Joseph
Or Mars
Leon Morris
Joanna Samuels

What are some ways to exemplify strong board relations/best practices for governance, including transitioning board leadership (or stagnant board leadership)?
Facilitated by Eli Kornreich in Key Largo

Shani Bechhofer
Michelle Fisher
Penina Grossberg
Rachel Isaacs
Andy Koren
Miriam Margles
Phyllis Meyers
Andrea Siegel
Jon Spira-Savett
Howard Stecker
Sharon Weiss-Greenberg
Jeremy Wexler
David Wolkenfeld

What are some ways to manage difficult staff, make decisions about hiring/firing, deal with difficult colleagues, and navigate challenging dynamics on a staff team?
Facilitated by Robin Axelrod and Jonathan Schreiber (may break into two groups) in Coral Springs

Robin Axelrod
Adam Baldachin
Jennifer Clayman
jacob Cytryn
Emily Cook
Maital Friedman
Barb Gelb
Vicky Glikin
Daniel Held
Jill Jacobs
Joe Kanofsky
Dani Passow
Jason Rodich
Rebecca Rosenthal
Wendy Rosov
Charlie Schwartz
Miriam Heller Stern
Kenny Weinstein
Shmuly Yanklowitz

How can I set myself up for success in non-traditional work arrangements, including working part-time, consulting, self-employment, and working with remote access?
Facilitated by Michelle Lynn-Sachs in Key West

Adina Allen
Jennifer Bayer-Gamulka
Miriam Burg
Nina Butler
Hirsh Chinn
Tammy Dollin
Susan Eiseman Levitin
Sue Fendrick
Stephanie Fink
John Fishman
Melissa/Malkah Binah Klein
Michal Koren
Danna Livstone
Michelle Lynn-Sachs
Audrey Marcus Berkman
Rayzel Raphael
Simcha Raphael
Ariana Silverman
Farrah Udell
Emily Walsh
Roderick Young

What I can I do to smoothly help my institution/department transform the way it is doing its work, e.g. to enact change or to improve organizational culture?
Facilitated by Mordy Walfish in Florida A

Cynthia Bernstein
Nir Buchler
Beth Cousens
Naomi Korb Weiss
Michael Miller
Justin Rosen Smolen
Mordy Walfish
Hadar Weiss

How can I ensure I stay inspired and make time for my own learning and inspiration, and in order to avoid cynicism?
Facilitated by Josh Feigelson in Florida C

Caron Rothstein
Lauren Berkun
Josh Feigelson
Lisa Grushcow
Nessa Liben
Ann Luban
Lev Meirowitz Nelson
Robin Nafshi
Jane-Rachel Schonbrun
David Segal
Deanna Stecker