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Madregot: Mapping the Jewish Leadership Journey

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Supplemental Materials by Faculty Member:


Rabbi Elka Abrahamson

The Tent of Meeting: Securing the Stakes
Guts and Grit


Maya Bernstein

Immunity to Change - 1
Immunity to Change - 2
Creative Confidence: Group Games to build Trust and Creativity


Dr. Erica Brown

Dreaming Big: Personal Strategic Thinking
Effective Leadership Communication: Writing Skills
Effective Leadership Communication: Public Speaking Skills
Managing Leadership Fatigue
Why Be Jewish? Jewish Identity and the Jewish Leader


Aaron Henne

Our Personal Exodus Narratives
TASK Feedback Form
The Process of Creation
Visioning and Time Management
Your Mission in 60 Seconds
Embodied Leadership and Cultivating Empathy


Rabbi David Jaffe

The Wisdom and Practice of Foregiveness
Fight Like a Mensch
Leadership Through a Mussar Lens


Rabbi Jay Henry Moses

"For the Sake of Heaven" - Reclaiming Civil Discourse in Jewish Life


Rae Ringel

The Language of Leaders
Keeping it Moving: Maximizing Learning through Small Group Facilitation
The Saboteurs and Sages
Saboteurs Assessment
The Gift of Asking: Making Your Case in Every Case


Lisa Kay Solomon

Leader as Futurist
Giving Form to Ideas: An Introduction to Visual Thinking
Imagining New Futures through Serious Games and Play
Business Model Design and Innovation in the Jewish Community


Rabbi Uri Topolosky

Stumbling Stones, Monday Beit Midrash
Leadership and the Value of UnCertainty


Rabbi Michael Uram

Unlocking the Power of Relationships to Revitalize and Re-inspire Organizations
Essentialism: The Art and Widsom of Being More by Doing Less
Can Organized Jewish Life Survive in the Age of Millennials?
Seeding Change from Within: How the Theory of Disruptive Innovation Can Be Applied to Jewish Organizations
We are More than One Community
7 Habits Reading
The Real Reason People Won't Change
TzimTzum Reading