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Find out what Wexner Members, Fellows and Alumni are doing. Register for upcoming Institutes.

Wexner Field Fellowship Spring Institute 2019

Please complete the form to register for the WFF Spring Institute which will be held at The Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, NC from March 3-6, 2019. All current Wexner Field Fellows are required to complete the registration. Thank you!

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Wexner Graduate Fellowship Winter Institute 2019

Please complete the form to register for the WGF Winter Institute, which will be held at The Sanibel Marriott Resort and Spa in Ft. Myers, FL, from Jan. 20 - 23, 2019.

All current Wexner Graduate Fellows/Davidson Scholars and Wexner Field Fellows, Classes 28 - 31, are required to complete the registration, which will also provide the opportunity to volunteer to lead various parts of the institute.

Thank you!

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The Jewish Life Cycle: The Shape of a Human Life with Rabbi Larry Hoffman

In our first online course Rabbi Larry Hoffman will teach a 4-part series on what he calls "The Ultimates" -- the nodal moments in our lives when we are filled with wonder, gratitude, grief, fear -- and rely on Jewish ritual to enrich and comfort us. Even as Jewish leaders, we sometimes go through the seminal rites of passage in our lives -- birth, marriage, bar/bat mitzvah, death -- without a deep understanding of the history and range of interpretations of our central ceremonies and prayers. We bless our children or our parents without ever having really explored what these blessings really mean to us honestly and deeply as adults. Rabbi Hoffman will explore with us specific liturgical texts and what our life-cycle ceremonies teach us about Judaism's advice on living our lives. Enrollment is first come, first served and will be capped at 18 Wexner Heritage Alumni. There is a cost of $350 to participate, please click on link to PayPal to process payment.

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