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Find out what Wexner Members, Fellows and Alumni are doing. Register for upcoming Institutes.

Summit on Leadership Skills

The Summit on Leadership Skills will take place in two parts: Part A: March 29-31, 2020, and Part B: March 14-16, 2021. This registration form is for logistical information. We will send a separate registration with detailed information on program and class offerings in the coming weeks.

If you have more questions about Wexner Summits: The Network in Action, please contact Rabbi Jay Moses at

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Summit on Gender: Safety and Equity in Jewish and Israeli Work Space and Life

Wexner Summits: The Network In Action -

The Wexner Foundation started a new alumni program called “Summits: The Network in Action” to bring together top alumni across our programs (WSL, WIF, WGF, WFF, WHP). They work for at least a year, individually or in working groups, to address major challenges facing the Jewish world and Israel.*

The active part of the Summit on Gender will run from October 27, 2019 through November 12, 2020. The year of work will be book-ended by two gatherings: the opening meeting October 27-29, 2019 in Chantilly, VA, and the closing one in Zichron Yaakov, Israel, November 10-12, 2020. As with all Wexner Summits, the intervening year is a time for you to double down with strategic partners to advance work that speaks to the challenge of this Summit.

*Our 4 Summits to date have been convened to address the following issues:

(Re)Imagining the Israel-North American Jewish Community Relationship (launched 2016)
Social Justice (launched 2016)
Civil Discourse (launched 2017)
Accelerator (launched 2019)
If you have more questions about Wexner Summits: The Network in Action, please contact Angie Atkins at

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