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Field Fellowship Pre-Application Is Open

The Wexner Field Fellowship pre-application is now open for up to 15 exceptional professionals, who will be selected for a three-year program with a cohort of lifelong professional learners that is focused on enriching their ability to exercise leadership as Jewish professionals.

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Truth is Not Relative

"There are facts, there are opinions, and there are lies," says historian Deborah Lipstadt, telling the remarkable story of her research into Holocaust deniers -- and their deliberate distortion of history.

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Welcoming WGF Class 30

The Wexner Foundation is proud to announce the members of Class 30 of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program.

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Commemorating the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Herb Friedman

Nine years ago today our teacher, colleague and friend Rabbi Herbert A. Friedman, z”l, founding president of what was then known as the Wexner Heritage Foundation, died at the age of 89. We are honored to commemorate Herb’s yahrzeit with a very special announcement that will perpetuate Herb’s extraordinary legacy of service to the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

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