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Wexner Graduate Fellowship /
Davidson Scholars Program

Leadership Development for Jewish Communal Professionals in Graduate Schools

Alumni Offerings

SAVE THE DATE! 2019 Alumni Institute 
February 17-20, 2019 @ Princeton Marriott at Forrestal 


An Enduring Commitment to Your Jewish Leadership

Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Alumni benefit from ongoing mentoring and guidance from the Foundation faculty and professional staff and maintain an important connection with the entire fellowship and Foundation community. Throughout their professional lives, Fellowship Alumni participate in leadership institutes, enrichment programs, and community-building activities. Fellowship Alumni also benefit from connections to alumni of our other leadership programs – Wexner Heritage Program, Wexner Service Corps, Wexner Field Fellowship, Wexner Senior Leaders and Wexner Israel Fellowship.

Over 500 alumni of the Graduate Fellowship now serve as professional leaders in synagogues, Hillels, day schools, national, international and local Jewish organizations, Jewish foundations, universities, and in new social entrepreneurial ventures in the Jewish world. The Foundation takes an active role throughout North America in promoting importance of the professions represented in the Fellowship, and in recruitment and retention activities in support of these professions.

Wexner Graduate Fellowship Alumni meet annually for institutes centered on themes relevant to modern Jewish life and their professional development. In addition to peer teaching, Alumni study and dialogue with leading scholars, practitioners, and experts in the fields of Jewish life and leadership development. The Wexner Foundation is committed to creating a continental and international web of Jewish professional leaders working together to foster life-long leadership growth and to strengthen Jewish Peoplehood.



  • Naomi Brenner

    Class 13
  • Dr. David Bryfman

    Class 17
  • Rebecca M Carr

    Class 3
  • Ezra Cohen

    Class 32
  • Dr. Lila Corwin Berman

    Class 12
  • Aaron Dorfman

    Class 14
  • Julie Finkelstein

    Class 23
  • Rabbi Ira Goldberg

    Class 12
  • Rabbi Laurie Rachel Hahn Tapper

    Class 13
  • Rabbi Lev R. Herrnson

    Class 8
  • Rabbi Sarit Horwitz

    Class 23
  • Sarit Kattan Gribetz

    Class 19
  • Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein

    Class 12
  • Elie Lehmann

    Class 26
  • Rabbi Scott Meltzer

    Class 4
  • Dr. Michael L Miller

    Class 7
  • Orlea Miller

    Class 31
  • Sarah Moody

    Class 30
  • Rabbi David Osachy

    Class 6
  • Rabbi Elizabeth A. Richman

    Class 17
  • Rafi M Rone

    Class 10
  • Rabbi Jason B. Rubenstein

    Class 20
  • David M Russo

    Class 19
  • Andrew Scheer

    Class 24
  • Ms. Lisa Schlaff

    Class 10
  • Rabbi Ethan M Tucker

    Class 11
  • Jennifer Caroline Weinstock

    Class 26
  • Simcha Willig

    Class 22
  • Stefanie Zelkind

    Class 16
  • Rabbi Dr. Tali E Zelkowicz

    Class 15