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Wexner Graduate Fellowship /
Davidson Scholars Program

Leadership Development for Jewish Communal Professionals in Graduate Schools


Wexner Graduate and Field Fellowship Community Coordinating Committee (WexCoComm)

A long, long time ago – though for some of us it was just a year or two back – the Wexner Field/Graduate Fellowship was the source. The Fellowship significantly covered the cost of our graduate studies, brought us together multiple times a year for learning and to meet and talk big ideas and minutiae, and helped us think about how we might think beyond the confines of our graduate studies and our particularistic communities to see the big Jewish picture.  And today?  What has WGF/WFF done for us lately?  That’s where the Wexner Graduate and Field Fellowship Community Coordinating Committee (WexCoComm) and the multiple projects it shepherds come in.  While we (we, meaning volunteer members of the WGF/WFF community) are running the projects, the foundation staff continues to support our collective effort with professional support and advising, the annual Alumni Institute, Wexnet, and more.

Who We Are
So what is WexCoComm?  We are not a decision-making body on behalf of the community. Instead, we are a group of volunteers (see below) who spend some of our volunteer time thinking about how we all might make the most of our Wexner community and connections.

What We Do
We help shepherd initiatives (see below), offer advice to the WGF/WFF professionals when asked, and try to identify ways that Wexner fellows and alumni can be of service to and make the most of the talent and energy of the Wexner community.  Most significantly, WexCoComm invests time and energy thinking about how we can most effectively and efficiently communicate opportunities to members of the Wexner community that could be personally or professionally enriching.  We try to gauge the interests, issues, and concerns of alumni community members and we try to be responsive to those needs and interests where we think we can be appropriately helpful.  Of course, what we are doing won’t be interesting to all the people, all the time.  But we do hope to be at least somewhat relevant to more of the people more of the time, all in the interest of strengthening the Wexner community.

Current Initiatives (as of June 2018)

  • Wexnet OmbudsGroup (in formation) – Team of alumni who works to ensure that Wexnet is a safe, meaningful, effective online community for alumni to connect and communicate with one another.
  • Local Gatherings – Coordinating regional in-person gatherings of WGF/WFF alumni
  • Parent Buddy Project  – Connecting parents (and those striving to become parents) for moral and emotional support
  • Rabbi Buddy Project – Connecting rabbis for professional guidance, as well as moral and emotional support
  • Chessed Needs - Serving as a clearinghouse for personal needs that may be met (anonymously or otherwise) by members of our community
  • How We Lead - An ongoing series of online conversations, each one with a small group of trusted WGF/WFF colleagues, in which presenters reflect on their own leadership trajectories
  • Wexner Welcome – Connecting individual members of the “graduating” fellowship class with experienced members of the community
  • Adaptive Leadership Peer Case Consultation Groups - cohorts of 6 alumni who commit to meeting once a month for six months for peer consultation. In this format, each member of the group will serve as a presenter once and as a consultant on the remainder of the meetings/calls.


WexCoComm Committee Members (as of June 2018)
Megan GoldMarche (22), Co-chair
Chaviva Levin (5), Co-chair
Malka Fleischman (25)
Barb Gelb (4)
Aaron Henne (28, WFF pilot)
Daniel Kirzane (21)
Seth Goren (16)
Jon Levisohn (10)
Anna Serviansky (27)
Jenny Solomon (10)
Adam Weisberg (2)
Rebecca Rosenthal (16)
Or Mars (6), ex-officio
Ruthie Warshenbrot (23), ex-officio
Stefanie Zelkind (16), ex-officio

Megan GoldMarche (22), Co-chair
Chaviva Levin (5), Co-chair


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