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Wexner Graduate Fellowship /
Davidson Scholars Program

Leadership Development for Jewish Communal Professionals in Graduate Schools

Jewish Studies Applicants

Guidelines for Jewish Studies Applicants

The Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program seeks Jewish Studies applicants who intend to pursue dissertation research on a Jewish Studies-related topic and become university professors in a Jewish Studies discipline and also have a commitment to exercising leadership in the Jewish community at-large, thereby bridging the gap between the university and the community.

In addition to the eligibility criteria outlined for all applicants to the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program, eligibility for Jewish Studies candidates may depend on university admissions policies, some of which distinguish between master’s program and doctoral program admissions. Because the PhD is considered the appropriate terminal degree for academics, the Foundation will only consider applicants who are applying for admission to the following academic programs:


  • A combined MA/PhD program (i.e., where there is only one admission process and the transition from master’s to doctoral student status is essentially automatic)
  • A doctoral program that requires the completion of a master’s degree prior to acceptance into the program
  • A master’s degree program where the candidate clearly demonstrates their intentions to proceed directly into a qualified doctoral program upon completion of the MA degree and a letter of support from an appropriate faculty member. Applicants to master’s degree programs are not eligible if they cannot effectively demonstrate their intent to pursue doctoral studies.
  • A MA in Jewish Studies if the applicant is pursuing another qualified degree concurrently.


Jewish Studies applicants who are selected as Wexner Graduate Fellows are expected to secure tuition/stipend offers from their university. Wexner Fellows who are funded through other sources will be afforded all other privileges of the Graduate Fellowship Program as well as a financial award of $10,000 annually (which can be distributed to the Fellow in smaller increments over more years depending on graduate institutions’ cap on annual outside funding).

Please contact Trisha Kure at with any questions. The Wexner Foundation reserves the right to make judgments about the eligibility of applicants for Jewish Studies Fellowships.


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