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Wexner Graduate Fellowship /
Davidson Scholars Program

Leadership Development for Jewish Communal Professionals in Graduate Schools


Individuals who have previously applied for the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program may reapply for the upcoming academic year. That said, the Foundation does not encourage former applicants to re-apply unless you feel certain that a new application will present a significantly different profile of your skills and potential than the previous application. Please keep in mind that being accepted as a re-applicant is extremely uncommon.

Re-applicants are required to submit an entirely new application, including new letters of recommendation, as well as an additional statement describing your most recent activities (e.g., additional education, employment, and volunteer work). If you have attended a graduate program since your last application, you will need to submit a transcript and a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor or instructor from that program.

Please note: former applicants who may have been finalists will not automatically be granted the same status.


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