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Wexner Graduate Fellowship / Davidson Scholars Program

Leadership Development for Jewish Communal Professionals in Graduate Schools

Awards and Expectations

  • Wexner Graduate Fellows and Davidson Scholars pursuing careers in the Rabbinate, Cantorate, Jewish Professional Leadership, and Jewish Education will be awarded up to $30,000 each year for a two-year term, with the possibility to renew for a third year (Fellows and Scholars who are receiving funding through Jim Joseph Foundation-sponsored initiatives as part of their graduate programs will receive $20,000 per year). Please note that receipt of a Wexner Fellowship may affect your ability to receive merit-based awards and/or modify calculations for need-based awards at your academic institution.
  • Wexner Graduate Fellows pursuing careers in Jewish Studies will be expected to secure funding through their graduate programs (generally from the university itself) and will, in addition, receive $10,000 annually from the Foundation. Fellowships are granted for full-time graduate study in qualifying academic programs, for up to three years. Each year of funding is contingent upon evidence of satisfactory academic achievement and Fellowship participation.
  • Wexner Graduate Fellows/Davidson Scholars will commit to participate in all fellowship-sponsored programs and institutes, as outlined here.
  • Wexner Graduate Fellows/Davidson Scholars will commit to working full-time in North America, serving the North American Jewish community, for a minimum of four years upon completion of their graduate programs.


Welcome to Class 29 of the Wexner Israel Fellowship

Meet Class 29 of The Wexner Israel Fellowship



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