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Wexner Heritage Program

Jewish learning and leadership development for volunteer leaders in North America

Heritage Alumni Network

Our Heritage Alumni are linked together across North America by an extensive network that can be accessed in many ways: through our blog WexnerLEADS, with our password protected data base, in our issues based affinity groups and other social media platforms, and at our many local, regional and continental alumni gatherings. Wexner Heritage Alumni look to each other for support, guidance, and ideas as they go about their leadership work.

In addition to the Wexner Heritage Alumni, Heritage alumni also reach out to and support Wexner Alumni of the Graduate and Israeli Fellowships. Altogether, there are close to 2400 Alumni, each one a powerful social change agent, motivated to make Israel, the Jewish World, and the world at large, a better place. Many of our affinity groups and gatherings now cross pollinate all of our alumni groups.

The Wexner Heritage Alumni (WHA) Delegate Council is composed of 44 alumni who are involved at the highest levels of local, national and international leadership in the Jewish community.  Nearly all of the 31 communities that have had Wexner Heritage cohorts are represented on the WHA Delegate Council.  Delegates meet quarterly to brainstorm and work on weaving the alumni network closer together. Since the Delegate Council’s founding in 2012, each community has held its own Delegate-led gatherings to increase a sense of connectedness to the Foundation and fellow local alumni, and to foster alliances and crowdsourcing for the benefit of the local Jewish communities to which they belong. The WHA Delegates also serve as liaisons and advisors to the Foundation in planning alumni programs.

Please check our upcoming events regularly for the WHA Delegates local gatherings and the Foundation’s regional and continental programming.

Wexner Heritage Alumni Social Media Platforms
Alumni across our continental network find each other by interest group so they can share best practices, tips, resources, and ideas to be more effective lay leaders. Wexner Heritage Alumni have powerful passions and huge agendas for the Jewish People. These affinity groups help our alumni bring successful, fresh approaches back to their own communities; help alumni learn together about the issues that keep them up at night, join forces, and enjoy associating with our transgeographical, lifelong community of Wexner Heritage Alumni. We empower our alumni to create their own affinity groups. Please contact Angie Atkins, Director, Wexner Heritage Alumni if you would like to start a new group. As with all our shared communication, please remember we have a “No Solicitations” policy. Our groups are open only to Wexner Members and Alumni. Please click on those that interest you to apply to join:

We have two main platforms to share thoughts, queries, best practices, blogs, articles, divrei torah with all of our Wexner Members and Alumni.

LinkedIn: Wexner Foundation Alumni Network

Facebook: Wexner Members and Alumni

We also have more specialized groups, according to affinity:

Wexner Affinity Group/Jewish College Life

Wexner Alumni Delegitimization Awareness

Wexner Synagogue Affinity Group 

Wexner Affinity Group/Federations

Complimentary Jewish Education Wexner Affinity Group

Wexner Day School Affinity Group

Wexner Heritage Alumni Projects
Alumni across North America often want to “pay it forward” and create beneficial programming to either help build up the alumni network or benefit their local community. Examples of this are:
  • Evenings of Learning with great scholars planned and funded by our alumni made available to their entire community.
  • College Campus Connect. An initiative started by alumni to host other Wexner Alumni’s college age students for holiday and shabbat meals when they are away at school.
  • Conference calls and webinars with great teachers or thinkers.
  • Mentorships

If you would like to start your own initiative, or for more information, please contact Angie Atkins, Director, Wexner Heritage Alumni to discuss.


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