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Wexner Israel Fellowship

Leadership development for leaders in Israel's public sector

Application Process

קרן וקסנר

Step one – Eligibility Form 
Candidates interested in the fellowship may submit the Eligibility Form on The Wexner Foundation website once the registration opens. Applicants whose Eligibility Form is approved will then be asked to submit an Application Form. If you’d like to be notified when the application for 2020-21 opens, please click here.

Step two –Application Form - now closed.

Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements, will receive an email from The Wexner Foundation requesting they submit an Application Form (AF) and the following documents:

  • A questionnaire in which they will be asked to answer several questions in essay form in English.
  • Three recommendations in writing, in English (must be submitted by the writer).
  • Grade sheets, in English, from each academic institution mentioned in the eligibility form.

Note: experience from previous years shows that it is best to request grade sheets from the academic institutions at the earliest possible time.

All grade sheets must bear an original seal and signature of the academic establishment. Only grade sheets in English will be accepted.

  • Letter of approval from employer – e.g. candidates from the civil service will need a signed letter of approval from the Civil Service Commission, candidates form the IDF will need a signed letter of approval from the IDF, and so on.

Alongside your WIF AF, you must also submit your application to the MC-MPA, which can be found on the Harvard Kennedy School website. 
Studies at Harvard require a strong knowledge of English and therefor applicants are required by HKS to pass either the TOEFL or the IELTS exam. 

For full information on HKS admission requirements please click here.

Along with the AF, you will be asked to submit the following:

  1. A copy of the full HKS application form.
  2. Grade sheets of the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

We strongly recommend registering to the TOEFL or IELTS as soon as possible to ensure that HKS and The Wexner Foundation receive your grade sheets on time. 

Please note that you can retake the TOEFL/IELTS, therefore it is important that you register well in advance so as to ensure you have enough time to retake the exam if necessary.

אנו ממליצים להירשם למבחני ה  TOEFL/IELTS בהקדם, על מנת להבטיח שתוצאות המבחן יגיעו ל HKS ולקרן במועד.
במידת הצורך, ניתן לגשת למבחן חוזר באנגלית. על כן, מומלץ להירשם למבחן מוקדם ככל האפשר, כדי שיוותר די זמן לגשת למבחן נוסף לתיקון הציון.

For general information on the TOEFL on the ETS website click here.

For TOEFL test samples click here.

For general information on the IELTS click here.

For further information on the Harvard application forms, the English exams or on requesting TOEFL/IELTS exemptions, please write to

If your request for an exemption was approved by Harvard university, please inform The Wexner Foundation immediately. 

We recommend learning more about the Harvard application process in the Harvard University’s admissions blog. 

Stage Three –Interviews

Those accepted to HKS and found qualified by The Wexner Foundation will be summoned to interview in front of the selection committee. 

The selection committee gathers each year in March. Interviews will be held both in Hebrew and in English, by two separate panels of the committee.  

Applicants are requested to save the interview dates, as there will be no opportunity to interview on alternative dates.


Applicants will receive the admission committee’s decision within 7 days of their interview. 

WIF Scholarship 

Disclaimer: the following information by no means constitutes any commitment on behalf of The Wexner Foundation to pay all or part of the tuition fees or any other expenses.

Applicants accepted to the fellowship program will receive specific and final information on scholarship applications, which will also appear in the agreement between The Wexner Foundation and the Fellow.

The WIF scholarship includes the following:

  • Full tuition for the HKS MC-MPA program.
  • Airfare to the US and back to Israel once the program ends, for applicant, spouse and each accompanying minor.
  • Medical insurance for the school year for applicant, spouse and any accompanying minor.
  • Partial financing of cargo shipment from Israel to the US ahead of the school year. 
  • Partial financing of text books.
  • Tuition for additional studies in the WIF throughout the year.
  • Living allowance (updated periodically). Allowance for the 2017-2018 academic year was $28,000, plus an additional $3,250 for every accompanying minor. Payments are made in monthly installments.
  • The Wexner Foundation does not finance any costs relating to visa applications and/or extensions. 

We recommend checking the cost of living in Cambridge, Massachusetts ahead of time, particularly if you are not entitled to paid leave by your employer, in which case we strongly recommend establishing additional financing resources for the year. 

The Wexner Foundation permits WIF fellows to receive a living allowance from other sources, providing the allowance is not designated to cover tuition.

For useful information on Harvard applications and financial matters:

Harvard International Office 

HKS- Applying for Financial Assistance

HKS- 2017 Application Cycle Financial Aid Series


If you have questions, please contact Keren Zefania at 

In order to fill out the Eligibility Form you need to create an account, please click here to register. After registration you will be taken to the Eligibility form.

If you already have an account please login first.