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Wexner Senior Leaders

Intensive Leadership Development for Leaders in Israel

Apply - WSL

Information on how to apply for the Wexner Senior Leadership Program

The application process is now closed and will be reopen in June 2019.
The application Process includes several stages: 
  1. Eligibility Forms are reviewed to determine that candidates meet eligibility criteria.
  2. Candidates are then directed to proceed with the full application and an English test. Please contact our office for further information regarding the English requirement.
  3. The forms will be reviewed, along with accompanying documentation, references and English test results, to select candidates who meet program requirements.  

Finalists are interviewed in October, and final decisions of the Selection Committee are announced shortly afterwards.

Eligibility Information and Form

Eligibility Forms for the class of 2020 will be open in June 2019.

The Eligibility Form allows the Foundation to determine whether the candidate meets initial conditions for applying to the Senior Leadership Program. Qualified candidates will receive the full Application Form.


  • Hold a senior level position within Israel’s public service sector, including; the civil service, local government, government agencies and security forces.
  • Have a public service employment expectancy of 3 years or more.
  • Hold a graduate degree or higher.
  • Function comfortably in an academic, English language setting.

Candidates must commit to working in Israel's public sector for at least three years following graduation from the program.

Eligible candidates, who file a complete application form, providing personal and career information, will be required to provide references and a letter of approval from their public service employer to participate in the program.

Candidates, who fulfill the admissions requirements and have passed an English language competency test, will be invited to an interview by the program’s selection committee.

The program is open to Israel's senior public service leaders, irrespective of denominational affiliation, gender, racial or ethnic origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation.

If you have any questions, please contact Tal Winbrom.


This application process is now closed.