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Spiritual Postcards: A Journey to Sinai, Session 2

"Larry Moses"

Join Larry Moses as he discusses his mother’s survival of the Shoah.


We are honored to record here the names you shared of those who perished in the Holocaust, as remembered by their descendants and all of Bnei Yisrael.

The Laster Family, z”l

Hans Katz, z”l

Alter Groner, z”l

Kalman and Pinchas Friedman, z”l

Esther Migdal, z”l

Liba Shneyer, z”l

Alice Rosenberg, z”l

Members of the Malek family, z”l

The Bilulunsky family, z”l

Erna and Erich Pinto, z”l

Sora River and Abba Zalka Friedman, z”l

Members of the Gildesgame family, z”l

Mosh Maneshewiecz, z”l

Max Rottenberg and his family, z”l

Ilse and George Shelton, z”l

Selma Schonenberg, z”l

Antonie Meyer, z”l

Erna and Josef Gradenwitz, z”l

Members of the Rosenthal and Schonenberg families, z”l

Werner Pieck, z”l

Ilse Schindler, z”l

Henriette and Alfred Aaron Pieck, z”l

Gertrude and Fritz Hannauer and children, z”l

Relatives of the Wexler family from the shtetls of Slavatij, Poland; Zhivitov, Ukraine; and Solel, Lithuania, z”l

The family of Leah Keijlish, z”l

Menashe Max Kaltmann, z”l

Pessel Bertha Kaltmann, z”l

Rivka Renne Kaltmann, z”l

Moshe Yehuda – Leopald Kaltmann, z”l

Aidel Kaltmann, z”l

Members of the Grossman family, z”l

Sherry Moses, z”l