The Wexner Heritage Program Alumni (WHP) Delegate Council

The WHP Alumni Council is composed of 40-50 robust WHP Alumni who are involved at the highest levels of local, national and international leadership in the Jewish community. These delegates are volunteers, invited by the Foundation to serve terms of 2-4 years, so that the Council is always onboarding new talent from our Continental pool of our most impressive Alumni. Nearly all of the 36 communities where there have been Wexner Heritage cohorts are represented on the WHP Alumni Council. Some of our communities with very large Alumni populations send more than one delegate. WHP Alumni Delegates meet quarterly to brainstorm and work on weaving the network closer together. Their goals are to support the Foundation in providing Alumni the tools and opportunities they need to stack hands and make change.

Since the WHP Alumni Delegate Council’s founding in 2012, each community has held its own local delegate-led WHP Alumni gatherings to increase a sense of connectedness to the Foundation and fellow local Alumni, and to foster alliances and crowdsourcing for the benefit of the local Jewish communities to which they belong. Delegates also serve as liaisons and advisors to the Foundation in planning alumni programs.

Wexner Heritage Alumni Social Media Platforms

Alumni across our continental network share best practices, tips, resources and ideas to be more effective lay leaders. Wexner Heritage Program (WHP) Alumni have powerful passions and huge agendas for the Jewish People. The Foundation empowers our Alumni to find one another through our powerful database WEXCHANGE and private online watercoolers such as our Facebook Group. In addition to keeping their profiles current in WEXCHANGE and searching proactively there for counterparts across the network, Alumni also regularly reach out to Angie Atkins, Director, Wexner Heritage Alumni and other TWF Staff to help connect them to others. As with all our shared communication, please remember we have a “No Solicitations” policy. In addition to these platforms, there are other peer-to-peer initiatives as well as periodic online and regional programming from TWF offering networking opportunities. Additionally, WHP Alumni cross pollinate with Alumni from all of our programs (Israelis in the Public Sector and Jewish Professionals) at SUMMITS, THE NETWORK IN ACTION.

Wexner Heritage Alumni Projects

Alumni across North America often want to “pay it forward” and create beneficial programming to either help build up the Alumni network or benefit their local community.

If you would like to start your own initiative, or for more information, please contact Angie Atkins to discuss. Here are some examples of these projects:

  • Evenings of Learning with great scholars planned and funded by our alumni made available to their entire community.
  • College Campus Connect. An initiative started by alumni to host other Wexner Alumni’s college age students for holiday and shabbat meals when they are away at school.
  • Online gatherings with great teachers, thinkers, leaders, or people who share interests across the network and want to consult with one another on a particular challenge.
  • Mentorships

Meet our Heritage Alumni

Mark Achler
WHP Chicago II-99

Jack Almo
WHP Seattle 12

Martine Fleishman
WHP New York 4

Daniel Gorlin
WHP Chicago 17

Ginna Green
WHP East Bay 10

Linda Hurwitz
WHP Baltimore

Jonathan Katzman
WHP San Francisco 18

Laura Lauder
WHP San Francisco 3

Doug Liberman
WHP Montreal 17

Lindy Miller
WHP Atlanta 18

Daniel Rosen
WHP Pittsburgh 07

Susan Steiner Saal
WHP San Francisco 14

Mytyl Simancas
WHP Miami 11

Rada Sumavera
WHP New York RSJ 16

Yoni Torgow
WHP Detroit 17

Sam Yebri
WHP Los Angeles 15

Leora Zabusky
WHP Philadelphia 16

Howard Zack
WHP San Francisco 2