Opportunities to learn, connect, and exercise leadership do not end with the active fellowship. Through the Wexner Professional Leadership Programs Alumni Network, alumni of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program and Wexner Field Fellowship (as well as eventual alumni of the new fellowship for emerging leaders) are invited and encouraged to participate in, and contribute to, our alumni network and community. 


Stefanie Zelkind, Director, Wexner Professional Leadership Programs Alumni Network
Trisha Taylor, Program Coordinator


Save the Date! February 2-5, 2025 



Alumni are invited to join a Community of Practice (CoP), a small peer-facilitated group that will meet regularly via Zoom.  


Female+Identifying Clergy- Learn More Here
Facilitated by Megan GoldMarche, WGF/DS 22

Jewish Day School Leadership During the Israel-Gaza War – Learn More Here
Facilitated by Yoni Schwab, WFF 2

Solo Practitioners – Learn More Here
Facilitated by Robin Axelrod, WGF/DS 8


Through our Caring Communities initiative, alumni are invited to join with others who are experiencing similar life challenges and are looking for thought partners and peer support. 

For details on how to get a new Caring Community started, please e-mail Stefanie Zelkind. 

Coping with Toxic Workplaces- Learn More Here
Facilitated by Valerie Thaler, WGF/DS 8

Parent Consultation Group: Parents of Kids with Exceptionalities – Learn More Here
Facilitated by Nina Butler, WGF/DS 8

Switching Lanes: Rethink, Retool, Restart – Learn More Here
Facilitated by Fred Scherlinder Dobb, WGF/DS 6


The WGF/DS and WFF Mentoring Program will leverage the deep and diverse talent that has been nurtured by 30+ years of the Fellowship Programs. The program will provide a framework for continuing support and guidance of Wexner alumni, bolstered by content-rich, personalized learning.

Through participation in this program, mentor volunteers will build coaching and supervisory skills that will help them lead more effectively in their professional and communal lives. Mentees will drive the relationship by working with their mentor to create mutually agreed-upon goals and expectations and will hold one another accountable to the highest level of informed committed participation.

Interested in becoming a Mentee? Apply Here
Interested in Mentoring a mentee? Sign Up Here


Please send all questions to Or Mars, Vice President at omars@wexner.net


WexCoComm, a committee of alumni from both the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program and the Wexner Field Fellowship, was founded in 2013. WexCoComm members serve in an advisory capacity to staff, as well as working in partnership to develop and launch initiatives to support and strengthen the Professional Leadership Programs Alumni Network. 

WexCoComm members (as of October 2023): 

  • Andy Koren (WGF/DS 1), co-chair 
  • Melissa Werbow (WGF/DS 12), co-chair 
  • Naomi Adland (WGF/DS 25) 
  • Nina Butler (WGF/DS 8)
  • Nikki Greninger (WFF 3)
  • Graham Hoffman (WFF 1)
  • Rebecca Rosenthal (WGF/DS 16)
  • Josh Satok (WGF/DS 28) 
  • Jon Spira-Savett (WGF/DS 3) 
  • David Wolkenfeld (WGF/DS 17) 
  • Aki Yonekawa (WGF/DS 26)
  • Mark Young (WFF 1) 


If you are interested in serving on WexCoComm and/or have questions/ideas to share, please contact the co-chairs above. 


We love when alumni get together – to learn, to collaborate, or just to hang out!  

If you’d like to plan a WexMeetUp, please check WexChange or contact Stefanie Zelkind for a current list of alumni in your area. Modest funds are available to support WexMeetUps. 


Want to find other alumni in your area? 

Curious to see if there are other alumni involved, as professionals or lay leaders, in your organization? 

Looking for a Wexner connection when you travel to a new city in North America, Israel, or beyond? 

WexChange is a closed, “members only” database for participants and alumni of Wexner Foundation programs. Be sure to keep your profile up to date so that others can find you too! 


Wexnet is a closed and confidential listserv for fellows and alumni, and is the primary mode of communication to the Professional Leadership Programs Alumni Network about upcoming programs and opportunities. If you’d like to update your email or settings, please contact Trisha Taylor. 

 To stay connected on social media, join: Wexner Foundation Alumni Network on LinkedIn


Join a new initiative for 5784, as alumni share reflections each week about the parasha, leadership, and their lives. Yom Shishi Thoughts will be posted each week to Wexnet. If you’d like to sign up to contribute some of your thoughts, click here – there are still a few weeks left! 


We are proud to have many published authors and artists in our Professional Leadership Programs Alumni Network. In 2015, in honor of The Wexner Foundation’s 30th anniversary, a list of published works by alumni across all of our programs was complied. As we look to update and expand the list, please share your published books, films, podcasts, or albums here.


The Professional Leadership Programs Alumni Network brings together alumni of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program (which ran 1988-2024, in partnership with the William Davidson Foundation) and the Wexner Field Fellowship (established in 2013 in partnership with the Jim Joseph Foundation). 

The Wexner Foundation, together with the William Davidson Foundation and the Jim Joseph Foundation, continues to support alumni as they exercise leadership in the North American Jewish community.