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      The Wexner Foundation, in partnership with the William Davidson Foundation, proudly announces its inaugural cohort of the Wexner Davidson Fellowship. Designed for Jewish professionals aged 26-36 working full-time in North American Jewish organizations, the three-year Fellowship offers unparalleled opportunities for cohort-based learning, peer networking, mentorship, and immersive experiences, including a week in Israel. Fellows will benefit from coaching, personalized Jewish learning, and will receive additional funding for

      The Wexner Foundation, in partnership with the Jim Joseph Foundation, welcomes Class 8 of the Wexner Field Fellowship. Utilizing the diverse, cohort-based learning that is the hallmark of Foundation leadership initiatives, Field Fellows learn from experienced faculty and develop tools to enhance their leadership while address the pressing issues in the Jewish community. These fifteen professionals were selected from a competitive pool of applicants for this three-year

On Monday, October 9th, Rabbi B. Elka Abrahamson, President, sent out a letter to our network with words of deep empathy and support, and a promise to follow up with resources for our North American “family”, including talking points and where to donate. There are many such lists now available, and we have compiled some of the most helpful in one place to help you continue to lead in your