Leadership Initiatives For


Training emerging and current professionals to exercise leadership in North American Jewish communities.

Wexner Graduate Fellowship / Davidson Scholars Program


For outstanding rabbinical students and graduate students in Jewish education and Jewish communal service programs.

Perfect For:
Graduate Students


Wexner Field Fellowship


For promising Jewish communal professionals who plan to continue their careers as leaders in the North American Jewish community.

Perfect For:
Jewish Professionals


Leadership Initiatives For


Educating and inspiring exceptional volunteer leaders in North American Jewish Communities.

Wexner Heritage Program


For providing up-and-coming North American Jewish volunteer leaders with an intensive Jewish learning program, deepening their understanding of Jewish history, values and texts and enriching their leadership skills.

Perfect For:
Jewish Volunteer Leaders


Wexner Service Corps


The Service Corps is open to high school juniors and seniors in Columbus, OH, to participate in a year of monthly volunteering and Jewish learning followed by a week-long service trip. A select group of Corps members can return for a second year to join the Senior Leadership Cohort (SLC).

Perfect For:
Teenagers in Columbus, Ohio


Leadership Initiatives For


Developing outstanding leaders for public service in Israel.

Wexner Israel Fellowship


Up to 10 outstanding mid-career Israeli public officials are selected annually to study for a Masters degree in the mid-career program of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. The goal of the fellowship is to provide Israel’s next generation of public leaders with advanced leadership and public management training.

Perfect For:
Mid-level Israeli Public Officials


Wexner Senior Leaders


An executive model leadership initiative, which aims to strengthen skills and design strategies for leading transformative change, acquiring new tools for better decision-making, and developing strategies to be employed by some of Israel’s most promising and influential senior leaders in the public sector.

Perfect For:
Senior-level Israeli Public Officials



Bringing together alumni of our network focused on solving critical problems though collaborative leading.

Wexner Summits provide a platform for alumni across all five of our adult programs to work together to confront major challenges facing the Jewish world. Alumni coalesce around projects and emerge with new allies, inspiration and skill sets to move the dial on urgent issues.


Wexner Network in action

Spotlighting the ways our Alumni, Fellows and Members are leading their communities.

Articulating Jewish Visions

The Jewels of Elul is a collection of short, inspirational insights for the High Holy Days from personalities who influence our global community, including many who have participated in one of our leadership initiatives. This year’s compilation features WGF/DS Alumni Aaron Dorfman (Class 14) and Rachel Timoner (Class 17). Whether in song, video or written word, Jewels provide a moment of reflection.

WHP Alumni Geoffrey Lewis (Boston 2) and Lindy Miller (Atlanta 18) have been working with The Abraham Initiatives on creating a society in Israel where all citizens are provided full and equal citizenship. “Arabic as a Culture Bridge,” a course designed to help break down barriers, is their latest project.

The Jews of Color Initiative (JoCI) recently released its second commissioned study with a conversation including panelists WHP Alum Ginna Green (East Bay 10), WFF Analucía Lopezrevoredo (Class 5) and WFF Janu Mendel (Class 4).

ShalomLearning’s Co-founder, incoming Board Chair, and WHP alum Devin Schain (Washington DC 13), is seeing his vision become a reality as Jewish education continues to thrive. The program’s technology and teacher training and support are helping to make Jewish education more meaningful and accessible.

Through her role with, WGF/DS Alum Sharon Weiss-Greenberg (Class 20) has been bringing together online learning across the world through The Hub, in addition to providing thousands of subscribers with adult online Jewish education and events. Now The Hub is focusing on bringing on new synagogues and nonprofits as partners. Learn more.

A Life-changing Program in Every Sense of the Word

“A wonderful opportunity to take a step back and work on myself, create a better sense of my goals and aspirations and strengthen my leadership and management skills. Joining an active community of senior, interdisciplinary professionals of the highest standards has been critical to my ongoing professional development.


WIF Alum Nicole Hod Stroh (Class 30), Executive Director, Merage Foundation Israel


We’ve been focused on developing leaders since 1985. Learn more about us.


Founded in 1980’s, The Wexner Foundation has been a pioneer in the field of Jewish private philanthropy, a field that has grown to include dozens of foundations that devote themselves on a national and international scale to the needs of the Jewish people.


Program By The Numbers

Focused on leadership since 1985, we have supported the training of 3,000 Wexner Fellows and Members in North America and Israel through our leadership initiatives.


At the core of our work is an expansive and diverse Alumni network exercising transformative leadership locally and globally.

Our Team

Driven by professionalism, Jewish values and a commitment to excellence, our Wexner Foundation team supports all current and past Fellows and Members as they put their leadership skills to use within their own Jewish communities.


Our Funders

Motivated by a passion for the North American Jewish community and the State of Israel, Les and Abigail Wexner, pioneers in Jewish private philanthropy, are steadfast in their belief that a diverse cadre of connected leaders, educated in Jewish life and in the art of leadership, are essential for the enduring strength of our People.


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Dispatches from the network and updates from the Foundation.

Public Leadership

Leadership, delivery, pathfinding, direction: these qualities are all required in any organization or group of people. Every organization has its own mission, its ultimate goals, and its own DNA, but they all rely on the same basic principles.   Above all, the element that truly fuels this can be summed up in one word: concern!  From the first stirrings of self-awareness, concern – for society and for the organization, business, or [...]

Shammai Did Nothing Wrong: Why We Follow and Why We Lead

In order to figure out why we lead, we must first understand why we follow. In the Gemara, both Hillel and Shammai are presented as schools of thought that argue about many points of law. We usually follow Hillel. As a Shammai fan: why?  In day school, I was taught that Hillel had a bigger school because he was more lenient. His endless patience and emphasis on having a good [...]

Becoming a Leadership Chef

I was not a stranger to the Wexner Service Corps. My older brother was a member of WSC and SLC just a few years prior to my years of participation. I thought I wasn’t a stranger to leadership, but the world of Wexner leadership was a stark contrast to the leadership I’d done solely within a school community.   When my time began in the Wexner Service Corps, the world was [...]

Collective Effervescence in Your Set Workspace

In the Babylonian Talmud (Brachot 6b) the rabbis state “Anyone who establishes a set place (makom kavua) for their prayer, the God of Abraham will be a help to them.”   Riffing on this, a teacher of mine once made a more emotional case for keeping a makom kavua. She said if you are in the same place each day, on the days you don’t show up, the Holy One will [...]

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Stay up-to-date with the latest recordings and teachings from members of our dynamic staff, faculty and network.

The Latest from The Foundation ›

Dispatches from the network and updates from the Foundation.

Wexner Learning Library ›

Stay up-to-date with the latest recordings and teachings from members of our dynamic staff, faculty and network.

Applications are now open for Class 35 of the Wexner Israel Fellowship

Applications are also now open for the 2024 Class of Wexner Senior Leaders