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Wexner Summits

The Network in Action

Wexner Summits

The Network in Action

The Wexner Foundation is proud to offer Wexner Summits: The Network in Action. These Summits offer platforms for select North American and Israeli alumni across five of our programs to engage in deep dialogue, learning, problem-solving and collaborative work. Additionally, what we aspire to advance is a deep sense of community based on real knowledge and understanding across differences in worldview and experience, an abiding commitment to the principle that our alumni have much to learn from each other. Allowing our network of leaders in the Israeli public sector and in both the professional and volunteer ranks of Jewish life in North America to leverage one another, Wexner Summits empower and mobilize a cadre of change agents who work in teams over the course of a year to address major challenges facing the Jewish people and Israel. In most cases, that is just the beginning.

Recently, we launched a Summit on Leadership Skills, selecting 170 participants from across our network to participant in substantive work over the course of two years and book-ended by two in-person events in Cambridge, MA. The intervening year will be a time for applying the skills learned at Part A and continuing the networking, mutual support and relationship building among Summit participants. 

The active part of our Summits require a commitment to a year of work, book-ended by participating in two gatherings: one at the launch and the other at the conclusion of the year. During the intervening year, participants double down with strategic partners to advance work that speaks to the challenge of this Summit. Often this work continues well beyond the year.

Summits are by application and include our most effective and robust alumni. For more information about Wexner Summits, contact Angie Atkins, Director, Wexner Heritage Alumni.

To date there have been five Wexner Summits fostering substantive action:
• (Re)Imagining the Israel-North American Jewish Community Relationship (launched 2016)
• Social Justice (launched 2016)
• Civil Discourse (launched 2017)
• Accelerator (launched 2019)
• Gender Safety and Equity (launched 2019)

In October of 2019 we launched our Summit on Gender: Safety and Equity in the Jewish and Israeli Work Space and Life, which kicked off a year of work concluding in a final seminar for participants in November of 2020. We generally launch one summit a year and conclude a second summit in that same calendar year. To see examples of the kind of work participants will be engaged in, click here.

To see what Vice President Jay Moses says about The Wexner Foundation's leveraging our most precious Jewish leadership resource through these Summits, click here. 


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