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Learning in Memory of Rabbi Aaron Panken z''l

Sessions from Twelve Tremendous Texts Syllabus


To register for one or more of the sessions, please click the title below:

June 11 – Rabbi Asher Lopatin – Truth-Telling and the Rabbis
June 12 – Rabbi Emily Langowitz – The Individual Opinion and the Majority
June 13 – Dr Joshua Holo – Teyku: The Unresolved (hypothetical?) Argument
June 14 – Dr Shaul Kelner – Appropriate Argument
June 18 – Rabbi Michael Marmur, PhD – Martyrdom: Rabbi Hanina ben Teradion
June 20 – Rabbi Elka Abrahamson – Defining and Defending Leadership
June 21 – Rabbi Danny Nevins – Beauty, Argument and Collegiality
June 26 - Rabbi Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi, PhD – The Talmid Hakham and the Rav
June 27 – Rabbi David Segal – Truth and the Rabbis
June 28 – Dr Dov Weiss – Magic and Miracles vs the Rabbinic Establishment
June 29 – Rabbi Josh Fixler – Many Roles of Rabbinic Leadership
August 28 – Rabbi David Ellenson, PhD  – Torah, Development and Reward