JULY 14, 2021/5 AV 5781

1 PM ET // 10 AM PT // 20:00 IT

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1 PM – Welcome and 1-minute flash updates – Angie Atkins

  • WGF/DS Alum Josh Cypess (Class 9)
  • WHP Alum David Edell (NY/Kekst)
  • WGF/DS Alum Ann Luban (Class 4)
  • WGF/DS Alum Wendy Rosov (Class 6)
  • WIF Alum Li-ron Zohar (Class 31)

1:20 – 1:50 PM – Round 1 - Breakout Conversations – Dana Savoray-Hadar

  • WHP Alum Jodi Mansbach (Atlanta 05) - Latest Data on the C-Suite Gender Gap in North American Jewish Organizations
  • WGF/DS Alum Ethan Tucker (Class 11) - Peer Consultation: How Best to Install and Honor the First Female Co-Rosh Yeshiva at Mechon Hadar, Especially After COVID-19
  • WIF Alum Sharon Abraham-Weiss (Class 23) The ADVA Report on How the Coronavirus Affected Women in Israel
  • WHP Alum Melissa Widen (Chicago 17) - The Gender Gap in Businesswomen's Access to Capital

1:55 – 2:25 PM – Round 2 - Breakout Conversations – Ruthie Warshenbrot

  • WSL Shmuel Hirschman (2016) - How COVID-19 Affected Women's Mental Health in Israel
  • WSL Yael Mevorach (2017) - The New Israeli Government and Ministries through a Gender Equality Lens
  • WGF/DS Alum Dan Ross (Class 27) - Is the Jewish Continuity Sexist (and the Thorny Challenge of Declining Birthrates in More Developed Societies)
  • WGF/DS Alum Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi (Class 3) - The Role of Gender in the 2020 Pew Study of the American Jewish Community

2:25 PM – Mazal tov to those gracefully exiting – Rabbi Jay Moses

2:30 PM – What’s next – Angie Atkins

2:35 PM – Optional time for group meetings or office hours with Core Team

MARCH 8, 2021/24 ADAR 5781

We analyzed the evolutionary roots of “male” and “female” behaviors and strategies and tried to answer one of the ancient unsolved mysteries in Biology – how and why did males evolve?

NOVEMBER 10-11, 2020/24-25 HESHVAN 5781 (VIRTUAL PART B)


12:00 PM – Welcoming – Angie Atkins

12:10 PM – Reconnecting – Dana Savoray-Hadar

12:45 PM – On People’s Minds, Guided Conversations – Ruthie Warshenbrot

  • Gender Equity and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice – Erica Goldman, Tziona Koenig-Yair, Michael Novack
  • Gender Equity and COVID-19 – Yael Mevorach, Marc Prine, Rachel Scherl, Sharon Abraham Weiss

1:45 PM – Wrap-up – Ruthie Warshenbrot

2:00 PM – Optional Third Hour*
Reflections on the U.S. Election through the Lens of Equity and Respect for Women: A Conversation and Q&A with Ambassador Wendy Sherman, Director, Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School, moderated by Rabbi Elka Abrahamson, President, The Wexner Foundation with Introduction and Framing by Rabbi Jay Henry Moses.

*NOTE: Although the rest of the Summit is private, this hour will also be open to the wider Wexner Network.




Rabbi Elka Abrahamson
President, The Wexner Foundation

Ambassador Wendy Sherman
Director, Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School

WHP Alum Ann Bennett, DC 03

WSL Alum Nurit Felter Eitan, 2018

WGF/DS Alum Erica Goldman, Class 28

WHP Alum Alec Harris, Chicago 06

WIF Alum Tziona Koenig-Yair, Class 24

WGF/DS Alum Yehuda Kurtzer, Class 15

WSL Yael Mevorach, 2017

WIF Alum Tziona Koenig-Yair, Class 24

WGF/DS Alum Yehuda Kurtzer, Class 15

WSL Alum Anat Meyassed-Cnaan, 2018

WHP Alum Michael Novack, St Louis 15

WHP Alum Marc Prine, Philadelphia 16

WGF/DS Alum Wendy Rosov, Class 6

WGF/DS Alum Dan Ross, Class 27

WHP Alum Rachel Scherl, Greater Metrowest 08

WFF Pilot and WGF/DS Alum Tilly Shemer, Class 28

WSL Alum Kinley Tur-Paz, 2017

WIF Alum Amnon Vidan, Class 20

WIF Alum Sharon Abraham Weiss, Class 23

WGF/DS Alum Ari Witkin, Class 28

MAY 27, 2020/4 SIVAN 5780

Now that the workplace IS home, and in many ways changed by Covid-19, how has that affected our ability to ensure gender safety and equity in the workplace?

Three summit participants kicked off our conversation on three levels we all live and interact in:

Individual: WGF/DS Alum David Segal (Class 18)
Organizational: WSL Sigal Golan Atir (2015)
Communal/Systemic: WHP Alum Karyn Gershon (Chicago Pro-99)

MARCH 26, 2020/1 NISAN 5780

Gender Summit participants Pilot WFF and WGF/DS Alum Tilly Shemer (Class 28) and WIF Alum Tal Korman (Class 14) discussed best practices to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, from a US and Israeli perspective


Angie Atkins
Director, Wexner Heritage Alumni

Rabbi Jay Henry Moses
Vice President, The Wexner Foundation

Dana Savoray-Hadar
Deputy Director, Israel Office

Rachel Sosin
Chief of Staff

Ruthie Warshenbrot
Director, Wexner Field Fellowship