We are pleased to announce that applications for both Class 5 of the Wexner Field Fellowship and Class 33 of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program are now open.

Our deep commitment to strengthening the leadership of the North American Jewish community compels us to onboard new classes, even while COVID-19 restrictions are in place. The uncertainty around safe travel and in-person gatherings continues while the need for inspired leadership in our schools, shuls, camps and other communal organizations is increasingly important. We have shifted our selection processes and programming to virtual platforms until travel and gathering is deemed safe. Until then, we are determined to create meaningful, intentional, and high-quality educational opportunities.

In the words of our President, Rabbi Elka Abrahamson, “The need to support emerging professional leaders in the Jewish ecosystem has never been more pressing. We are, with determination and never compromising on excellence, pressing our Fellowships forward at this particularly challenging crossroad.”

Wexner Field Fellowship

The Wexner Field Fellowship is a leadership learning opportunity for high-potential, full-time Jewish communal professionals to deepen their leadership skills and Jewish knowledge. Up to 15 exceptional professionals will be selected for a three-year program with a cohort of lifelong professional learners that is focused on enriching their ability to exercise leadership as Jewish professionals. Wexner Field Fellows are also supported though a partnership with the Jim Joseph Foundation and are matched one-on-one with a professional coach as well as a Jewish educator. Additionally, Wexner Field Fellows can also receive financial reimbursement towards individualized professional development.

“The Wexner Field Fellowship takes on even greater importance in these times of uncertainty,” says Barry Finestone, President and CEO of the Jim Joseph Foundation. “Class 5 Fellows have a special opportunity to develop leadership strategies and skills uniquely suited for moments of crisis and challenge. They can experiment with approaches to Jewish learning in ways our field previously never considered, but that are imperative to shaping a meaningful, inspiring Jewish future filled with new unknowns.”

Fellows join a diverse professional community that encourages learning about one’s self as a leader through interactions with people of varying backgrounds and viewpoints. Wexner Field Fellows benefit from the mentorship of staff and faculty at The Wexner Foundation, as well as the connections to our extensive alumni network, which serves as a professional community throughout Fellows’ careers.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements and to submit a pre-application for the Field Fellowship, please click here or visit https://bit.ly/Class5Apply. Applications are due Tuesday, December 8th.

Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program

Wexner Graduate Fellowships are awarded each year to outstanding individuals who seek to prepare themselves through graduate training for careers in Jewish Education (Davidson Scholars), Jewish Professional Leadership (Davidson Scholars), Jewish Studies and the Rabbinate/Cantorate.Fellows chosen for this program, funded through a partnership with the William Davidson Foundation, will participate in four years of Fellowship-wide Institutes and gatherings. These programs build a cohesive community while enhancing the leadership skills of each individual Fellow. All Fellows are afforded unique opportunities for ongoing interaction with outstanding Jewish leaders and for extensive collaboration with one another. Fellows receive leadership training, peer support, professional mentoring and networking across career choices and denominational affiliations, both during school and throughout their lives.

“When the world grows dark, leaders make a difference and light the way forward. That’s why at the William Davidson Foundation, we believe in supporting and celebrating the visionaries and changemakers of tomorrow,” said Darin McKeever, President and CEO of the William Davidson Foundation. “We are proud to continue our partnership with The Wexner Foundation in opening the doors for more individuals to take part in the nation’s premier graduate fellowship program in Jewish educational and communal leadership.”

To learn more about the eligibility requirements and awards, and to submit an eligibility form for the Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program, please click here or visit https://bit.ly/ApplyWGF. Applications are due Wednesday, January 6, 2021.