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Wexner Field Fellowship

Leadership development for Jewish Communal Professionals in the field

Wexner Field Fellowship

Leadership development for Jewish Communal Professionals in the field

The Class 4 application has closed. To be notified when the application opens for Class 5, please click here.

The Wexner Field Fellowship was created in 2013 in partnership with the Jim Joseph Foundation to focus on developing promising Jewish professionals’ leadership skills while enveloping them in a rich network of Jewish professionals. Through in-person, intensive conferences and virtual meetings, Wexner Field Fellows are exposed to Jewish educational and professional growth opportunities while addressing their unique needs of career progress.

Fellows are selected based on their past accomplishments, current motivation and engagement, and the exceptional attributes they will contribute to the cohort of 15 Jewish professionals of which they will be a part.  

The Wexner Field Fellowship is a special opportunity for Jewish professional leaders to grow, deepen their leadership skills and develop a rich network of colleagues to support their career. Through this three-year intensive professional development program Field Fellows will:

  • Participate in six cohort-based institutes on leadership skills and Jewish issues with amazing leadership teachers and Jewish educators.
  • Receive one-on-one professional coaching and Jewish learning, along with access to funds toward customized professional development opportunities. 
  • Become part of The Wexner Foundation’s network of 3,000 professional and volunteer leaders in the North American Jewish Community and in Israel.
  • Connect with their fellowship cohort remotely between institutes to network, share concerns and for peer-consultations
  • Develop a nuanced appreciation for the diversity of the North American Jewish community.
  • Focus on developing strengths in adaptive leadership, storytelling, difficult conversations, negotiation and other crucial leadership skills. 
  • Connect with (when appropriate) members of The Wexner Foundation’s alumni community  for mentoring relationships. 


A Commitment to Jewish Professional Leadership and Learning

Wexner Field Fellows are emerging leaders committed to a career in the North American Jewish Community. As such, Fellows are required to work full-time at a Jewish communal organization based in North America for the duration of their fellowship (three years) and for at least three years beyond (for six years total). Wexner Field Fellows are expected to participate in all required elements of the program, including attending all institutes. The Wexner Foundation covers all expenses for program participation. For more details, visit the Eligibility and Benefits page.


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