Simply stated – the Wexner website has been an unbelievable resource for me. As I prepared for my upcoming trip to Israel, I felt it would be a good idea to connect with Israelis in a similar profession and also part of the Wexner network.  After speaking with Rabbi Moses, he encouraged me to us the new WEXCHANGE tool on the website, that was specifically built to help connect our network.  I don’t think I can qualify the value of that incredible advice.

After performing only one search, I reached out to a few of the top hits and all three people were extremely helpful.  Amazingly, using the WEXCHANGE search feature, I was able to connect with a current Israeli Supreme Court Justice and a couple of former very high-level governmental authorities (all of whom are “Wexners”).  I will be meeting with hem while in Israel for our Wexner Heritage Summer Institute and each of them has helped to set up some additional high-level meetings for me.  

This is truly a success story for the redesigned website (and the program and network as a whole).  I am very excited about the upcoming Wexner Summer Institute and the opportunity to spend two additional days in Israel meeting with these amazing contacts – truly, an opportunities of a lifetime. #ThxWex.

Burt Garland,a current Wexner Heritage Member (St Louis 15), is a management-side labor and employment lawyer. Burt has provided pro bono legal services to various Jewish organizations and charities and has served on the Boards of Temple Israel of St. Louis and Jewish Family & Children’s Services. He is also currently a board member of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and chairs a planning and allocation subcommittee (Enhancing St. Louis’ Connection To Israel). In 2016, Burt received the Grosberg Young Leadership Award from the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and will use the stipend to learn about law in Israel. Burt can be reached at