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The Transformation of Shibli

Posted on Wednesday, February 07, 2018 by Ori Ilan, Ruth Wasserman Lande, Itamar Shachar and Eli Shermeister

The Israeli town of Shibli has gone through a tremendous transformation over the past year.  Here are some Wexner Israeli Alumni and Network Members discussing the transformation. 

WIF Alumni and WSL Network Members who speak in this video include: Ruth Wasserman Lande (WIF Class 18), Eli Shermeister (WIF Class 9) and Ori Ilan (WSL 2017).  Itamar Shahar (WIF Class 25), Nadav Tamir (WIF Class 15) and Yotam Dagan (WIF Class 24) can be seen in the audience.  Many others, not seen here, are also actively involved.


This is wonderful to see. In 1986 or '87, I was introduced by Haim Sharett (son of former PM Moshe Sharett, whom I knew from his shlichut with the Reform movement in the US) to Shibli Abu Dahlia, who had at the time worked for decades as a security guard at Kibbutz Hamadiya, where Haim was a member. Shibli (or is it Mr. Shibli?) graciously invited me and my family, including two young children, to his home in the village of Shibli for lunch. It was an interesting and enlightening experience. The enduring impression it left was of an honest, hard-working and extraordinarily hospitable family making a decent but difficult living in the setting of a then depressed and run-down Bedouin village that seemed typical of the neglect with which the government has treated most Arab villages for decades. It is wonderful to see that efforts are afoot--with Wexner leadership--to bring major improvements!

Posted on Friday, February 09, 2018 at 7:57 AM by Ramie Arian (WHF staff, 1989-1998)