A widely accepted premise is that the State holds a monopoly of sorts on the legal use of force, which it yields through its agencies in various fields. The exercise of the State’s power in its most direct form is carried out by its defense and security organizations – its army, police, correctional system, intelligence bodies and additional security forces under its authority. The scope, control and monitoring of the

Nearly a year after our meeting in Virginia, we demonstrated flexibility by deciding to adapt the scheme of our program to a new, unexpected reality. We were determined to produce high quality and professional outcomes and hope that we have managed to create an impact that will elevate women’s status as full partners of Israel’s society.

"Poems, like ideas, multiply when you share them, and so does their ability to spread hope and optimism where needed.”

Eligibility forms, the initial stage in applying for The Wexner Israel Fellows (WIF,) are now available and will close September 25.  For more information, click here.  Submit an Eligibility Form    ההרשמה הראשונית (Eligibility Form) לתכנית העמיתים של קרן וקסנר תיסגר בתאריך 25 בספטמבר לפרטים נוספים לחצו כאן להגשת טופס מועמדות ראשוני

Following the stabbing attack in Amman, Jordan, Israeli Ambassador to Jordan Eynat Shlain, WIF Alum (Class 11), met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the security guard who was injured in the attack.  This video is shared via the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Facebook Page.  We apologize that there is no audio and only subtitles.

In addition to a reception sponsored by The Wexner Foundation followed by the Harvard graduation ceremony planned for next week, Class 24 of the Wexner Israel Fellowship savored an end of the year brunch at the Wexners’ home in Columbus, Ohio last Friday.  Each fellow had the opportunity to reflect on their year at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the impact of their studies and the year in Boston, and

Last week, The Wexner Foundation held a day of activities at the Knesset to welcome the seven new Wexner Israel Fellows who will begin their studies this fall in Cambridge, MA at Harvard’s Kennedy School (HKS).  Prior to the public ceremony, Deborah Housen-Couriel, Director of the Wexner Israel Fellowship Program (WIFP), held a leadership learning session. The fellows reflected on their definitions of leadership and shared their hopes and aspirations

Applications for Class 5 of the Wexner Field Fellowship are now open. Apply today.