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Wexner Summit on Leadership Skills

What are Wexner Summits?
Wexner Summits: The Network In Action is a platform for alumni of all Wexner leadership initiatives to connect, learn and collaborate across our network. Through Summits, Wexner Alumni are exercising leadership by strategizing and stacking hands to take action that moves the needle on the key challenges facing the North American Jewish Community and the State of Israel.* 

What is the objective of the Summit on Leadership Skills?
The Wexner Summit on Leadership Skills is designed for Alumni to acquire and strengthen skills that are of use to them in their leadership efforts in the Jewish community and/or the Israeli public sector. Alumni applying these skills will lead to a stronger Jewish and Israeli world. As with all Wexner Summits, regardless of topic, an additional purpose is to connect Wexner Alumni to other extraordinary leaders across the Jewish world and Israel, drawing wisdom, insight and new collaborative possibilities from our network. 

When will the Summit take place?
The Summit comprises two events, both to be held in Cambridge, MA: Part A, March 29-31, 2020 (hard start, 2pm Sunday, and ending at 2pm Tuesday), and Part B, March 14-16, 2021. The intervening year provides time to apply the skills learned in Part A and to continue the networking, mutual support and relationship building among Summit participants. 

What are the key components of the content and design of the Summit?
The Summit will include substantial classroom learning from excellent faculty on such leadership topics as conflict resolution, strategic planning, team building, community organizing, change management and more. Specific topics and faculty are still being finalized. In addition to these skills-oriented sessions, we build significant time into each Summit for intentional engagement among participants. The forming of new relationships and alliances across the network, learning from each other’s experience, is a core feature of Wexner Summits.  

What is expected of Summit participants?
Summit participants are expected to attend both Summit events in their entirety. There will be preparatory reading and other assignments in advance of the Summit. In the intervening year, participants are expected to apply the skills acquired at Part A, actively and with clear objectives, to their leadership efforts. Participants are encouraged to do so in collaboration with other Summit participants or other Wexner alumni if appropriate. New projects and collaborative efforts may emerge organically from shared interests; the Summit will also provide an opportunity to establish accountability / check-in partnerships with other participants. But at a minimum, Summit participants should be prepared to come to Part B of the Summit having applied the skills learned at Part A in their own leadership context, and prepared to report back and share lessons learned and build on those experiences to continue growing as leaders for even deeper impact beyond the Summit. We received far more applications than there were spots for this Summit. We therefore expect your full engagement before and during each Summit event, as well as a commitment to applying the skills with a seriousness of purpose. If you are uncertain about your ability to uphold these expectations, you may wish to reconsider your acceptance. 

Who will be there?
We have invited approximately 170 alumni of five Wexner leadership initiatives. These comprise three main categories of leaders: Israeli public sector professionals (Wexner Israel Fellowship and Wexner Senior Leaders); professionals working in the North American Jewish community (Wexner Graduate Fellowship and Wexner Field Fellowship); and volunteers in the North American Jewish community (Wexner Heritage Program).  

*5 Summits to date have been convened to address the following issues: 
• (Re)Imagining the Israel-North American Jewish Community Relationship (launched 2016)
• Social Justice (launched 2016)
• Civil Discourse (launched 2017)
• Accelerator (launched 2019)
• Gender Safety and Equity (launched 2019)