Intensive leadership development program for leaders in Israel

The Wexner Senior Leadership (WSL) Program, is an executive model leadership initiative, aspires to leverage The Wexner Foundation’s long established partnerships with the Israeli Government and Harvard University, with the goal of strengthening Israel’s public service leadership.

The program aims to strengthen skills and design strategies for leading transformative change, acquiring new tools for better decision making, and developing strategies to be employed by some of Israel’s most promising and influential senior leaders in the public sector. The program prepares a select cohort each year to exercise collaborative leadership within and across organizations and sectors.

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the program will be postponed to the summer of 2021. Registration will open toward the end of 2020.

Who Can Apply?

The Eligibility Form allows the Foundation to determine whether the candidate meets the criteria for applying to the Senior Leadership Program.


  • Senior level positions within Israel’s public service sector, including the civil service, local government, government agencies and security forces.
  • Public service employment expectancy of three years or more. (Candidates must commit to working in Israel’s public sector for at least three years following graduation from the program).
  • Masters degree or higher.
  • Function comfortably in an academic, English language setting.

Selection and Overview

The executive program includes the following modules:

  • Three-day introductory seminar in Israel
  • Four weeks in-residence at Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  • Two-day implementation seminar in Israel, including final presentations and certificates

Any Questions?
If you have any questions, please contact Wexner Senior Leaders Program Manager Sivan Shani.

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    In the Eligibility Form, candidates will provide personal and career information that enables the Foundation to determine whether the candidate meets the criteria for applying to the Program.

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    In the application form candidates will provide personal and career information, references and a letter of approval from the public service employer in order to participate in the program.

    Candidates will be required to pass an internal English language competency test.

    Select finalists will appear for in-person interviews. Final decisions are announced shortly afterwards.

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    Round Tables (Cohort selection)

    Interviews in a round table format will be held in order to assist the selection committee to select a diverse cohort.The final cohort will be announced shortly after.

Meet Our Fellows and Alumni

Alumni Community

Upon graduating, the participants join the Foundations’ alumni communities in Israel and the U.S. for further shared learning and significant activities for the public and society in Israel.

The alumni community and senior leaders network include over 500 members, most of them serving in senior key positions in Israel’s public service: Director Generals of government ministries, senior officers in the IDF, judges, hospital directors, municipality and third sector NGO’s director generals, etc.

The alumni community activities include annual institutes, networking and tutorial groups, Forums gatherings for peer consultation, summits with U.S. alumni and work teams to promote professional cross-boundary collaborations, Adaptive Leadership workshops, Accelerator workshops and more.