Clockwise from the top left: Modi Ephraim, Yuval Melamed, Avi Dadon, Tziona Koenig-Yair, Zvi Vapri, Reda Monsour, Avi Gil, Eyal Hulata, and Salman Zarka.


Wexner Israel Fellow Alum Tziona Koenig-Yair (Class 24) has been appointed Director General of The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs.

Wexner Senior Leader Modi Ephraim (2016) has been appointed as the Israeli Ambassador in Hague.

Wexner Israel Fellow Alum Dr. Eyal Hulata (Class 21) has been appointed as the new National Security Adviser and Head of the National Security Council.

Wexner Senior Leader Avi Gil (2017) has been appointed as the military secretary to the Prime Minister.

Wexner Senior Leader Prof. Salman Zarka (2017) has been appointed the new The New Chief COVID-19 Officer.

Wexner Senior Leader Zvi Vapni (2020) has been appointed Senior Foreign Affairs Advisor to the President.

Wexner Senior Leader Prof. Yuval Melamed (2018) has been appointed Chairman of the Society of Psychiatry.


Wexner Senior Leader Avi Dadon (2016) received the Award for Outstanding Purchasing for 2020 from the Ministry of Defense.

Wexner Israel Fellow Alum Reda Mansour (Class 10) received the highest honorable mention of the Republic of Panama upon ending his service as Ambassador of Israel in Panama.