Dear Wexner Community,

I write knowing that during these unprecedented days we need to experience one another’s presence. I begin by sharing with you all that the depth of my devastation is beyond my capacity to express in words. Following an unthinkable and barbaric assault on Israeli soldiers and civilians our friends, family, acquaintances, and friends of friends are in the grip of unimaginable grief and sadness. Together with so many in our extended Wexner Israel community, we mourn, wait for news, pray for redemption. We are all shocked. We are all heartbroken.

These next words pour forth from me with ease: Our solidarity with our beloved Israeli Wexner “family” and with the People Israel is steadfast. Our belief in the State of Israel is unshakable. We are with you through this nightmare and beyond as we find a path toward new light, may it arrive in our day.

Many within our Wexner Israel network are leading through these dark hours, making decisions, and guiding anxious organizations through the most difficult times. Our Israeli Wexners are balancing painful personal realities and fears with demands in their workplaces to serve Israel’s citizens who are also devastated and afraid. We embrace you in your heroic efforts at home and at work. Public service is part of your DNA and we send both gratitude and ceaseless admiration for your efforts.

Many North American Alumni are asking what can be done to support Israel and I invite our Israeli Alumni and Network Members to let our Israel staff know. We will do our best to share your suggestions. A spirit of oneness must prevail through this crisis and beyond.

If heartfelt expressions of friendship, solidarity, and comfort can somehow shorten the distance between us at this devastating time, may this message and the passion behind it be that bridge. Together we summon the voice and the strength to sing our anthem of hope, not yet lost, to be a free and secure people in our land, the Land of Zion and Jerusalem.

Rabbi B. Elka Abrahamson

President, The Wexner Foundation