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Social Justice/Tikkun Olam

Howard E. Charish is  Executive Vice President of the UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey and  is a Wexner Graduate Fellows/Davidson Scholars faculty member.  He can be reached at It was during a recent mission to Cuba that I understood a phenomenon that I had experienced during my professional career but had not consciously identified.  If I could summarize it in one word, it would be RESILIENCE. In an

Adam and Sam Silverman children of Wexner Heritage NY Alumna Susan Brous Silverman. Adam is a freshman at The Fieldston School. He participated in the Panim el Panim Workshop in Washington DC. Sam is a junior at The Fieldston School. He is participating in the Write On for Israel Program, through which he will spend 2 weeks in Israel this summer. When our mother, Susan Brous Silverman, began her Wexner

Rhona Edelbaum Sloan is an alumna of the Wexner Heritage Program from San Francisco, is the President of the Board of the Holocaust Center of Northern California and can be reached at Shortly before graduating from the Wexner Heritage Program in 2008, I felt a kinship to Moses in his initial reluctance to accept G-d’s leadership plan. My husband had been the Board President of the Holocaust Center of

Shmuly Yanklowitz, a Wexner Graduate Fellow alum (Class 19), is a rabbinical student at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, a PhD candidate at Columbia University in Moral Development and Epistemology, and the founder of Uri L’Tzedek (The Orthodox Social Justice Movement). He can be reached at I was asked this year to lead seder for the Jewish soldiers in Heidelberg, Germany at the U.S. Army European Headquarters and a central post to

Mar 2009

Sweet(er) Dreams

The darkening sky behind me represents a heavenly mechitzah dividing Martin Luther King Day from Inauguration Day. I stand humbly at the edge of both occasions, profoundly aware of the awesome destination confluence of these two occasions, one just ending and one about to dawn, represent for our nation and for this world. When you lie your head down upon your pillow tonight, remember that it is a good night

Rachel Alexander, an alumna of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program, is Director of Development at Solomon Schechter Day School of Nassau County and High School of Long Island. Although she works in Long Island, she proudly resides in New York City in her temporary shelter. She can be reached at In 1999 I moved to New York after spending the year at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem. I had

Laura Lauder is a venture philanthropist and political junkie. Her passion is Jewish education and leadership development. In 2002, she founded a new initiative in recruiting and training Jewish Day school teachers, called DeLeT: Day School Leadership through Teaching, inspired by the Wexner Fellowship model. She can be reached at This summer, WH Alumna Laura Lauder, from San Francisco, traveled to Central Europe with Jewish singer/songwriter and Wexner faculty

August 8, 2007 Rabbi Sue Fendrick, an alumna of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program, is Senior Research Associate at the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis University, a freelance editor and writer, and the granddaughter of Samuel Kitzes z"l. She lives with her family in Newton, MA. She can be reached at  Some would say that my youngest children have too many names.  The night before the

Evan Muney is a Wexner Heritage Alum from San Francisco where he serves on the Executive of the Federation’s Israel and Overseas Committee. He is also a partner in Camp Kimama, an international Jewish summer camp in Israel, where he will be spending this summer and promoting dialogue between Israeli and Diaspora Jews. He would be happy to have visitors. Contact him at Imagine an Israeli attorney and teacher