Delivering constructive feedback to your direct report about their disappointing progress on a project.   Sharing with your colleague that you are not going to accept their proposal that they worked so hard on.   Telling your friend that you would like him to wear a COVID mask when you meet for coffee.    Telling your uncle that his comments aren’t inclusive of people of color.  These are all situations that can lead to a difficult conversation. And figuring out whether or not you want to have

In a year of surprising, radical and sometimes tragic transitions, at least one has been honorable and celebrated: the dignified retirement of Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman, Ph.D. Dr. Hoffman taught liturgy at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion for 45 years, and during that tenure has guided the lives and careers of countless Jewish professionals. I am honored to be counted among them and to wish Dr. Hoffman a restful

Back row: D’ror Chankin-Gould (WGF Class 21), Dov Weiss (WGF Class 8), Shayndi Raice, Barry Wimpfheimer (WGF  Class 9), Leah Sarna (WGF Class 27), Ethan Schwartz, Jacob Cytryn (WGF Class 20), Zev Eleff (WGF Class 22), David Wolkenfeld (WGF Class 17), Paige GoldMarche (spouse of Megan), Frances Rosenberg (spouse of David), David Rosenberg (WGF Class 1), Julie Adler (WGF Class 13), Daniel Kirzane (WGF Class 21), Jessica Kirzane (spouse of

From left to right, Ruthie Warshenbrot (Director, Wexner Field Fellowship), Or Mars (Vice President) Anna Serviansky (WGF Class 27), Noam Soker (Administrative Associate), Chaviva Levin (WGF Class 5), Rebecca Rosenthal (WGF Class 16), Megan GoldMarche (WGF Class 22), Daniel Kirzane (WGF Class 21), Stefanie Zelkind (Director, Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program).  WexCoComm is a group of Wexner Graduate Fellowship alumni who volunteer to think about how we all might make

This article was inspired by a site visit that WGF alum Justin Rosen Smolen (Class 23) and I, WGF alum Miriam Heller Stern  (Class 13), took as part of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Alumni Mentoring program.  The Wexner Foundation launched the Mentoring Program for Alumni of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship over four years ago, thanks to a grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation.  This intense program was created with the understanding

With the passing of Elie Wiesel this week, I lost a dear teacher and mentor of over 30 years.  I will always be his student. From the first time I heard him speak when I was a teenager until our last meeting just two years ago, he asked me questions that I needed to ask myself, supervised my graduate theses, taught me how to teach and lived and sang and

Back in 2012, the Israeli Consulate in Boston reached out to campuses, declaring March the “Month of the Israeli Woman” and providing a list of Israelis in the area who could speak to student audiences.  WGF alum Michelle Fisher (Class 10), Executive Director of the MIT Hillel, saw the list, but none of the women seemed appropriate for MIT.  Wanting still to support the endeavor, she remembered there were Wexner

From her first WGF Institute at Ocean Edge in 1997, Jenny (Solomon, Class 10) was asked if she knew WGFA Michelle Lynn-Sachs (Class 6).  After all, we both hailed from Dallas, Texas. Each of us attended college at Brown University. Raised in actively engaged Reform Jewish homes, we both began our graduate education at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.  And, if that wasn’t enough, we even share a physical

As the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Alumni (WGFA) Community continues to grow and evolve, colleagues are tackling more and more “Big Issues” in their local, national and international Jewish communities.  As we endeavor to do so, extra resources have been developed to fortify our Wexner community’s internal health and strength.  Thanks to The Wexner Foundation’s partnership with the Jim Joseph Foundation, a year-long mentorship program was launched two years ago to

A few weeks back I ended my term as president of The JTA. But great news, our new president is now Wexner Heritage Alum (NY 1) David Eisner. This makes for the fourth Wexnerite in a row as president of The JTA. So Danny Krifcher (DC 03) begot Elisa Bildner (Metrowest NJ) who begot David Rudis who begot David Eisner. All of us are still trying to answer Les’ challenge,