“23/7? I really have to lay face down on a massage table 55 minutes out of every hour, all day and night?” These are the questions I was asking my surgeon the day before he performed emergency surgery on my right eye. It was the end of summer 2020 and besides having been sheltering in place for the past six months, my retina had just detached out of nowhere. “But

Of the hundreds of COVID-related memes, cartoons, and videos that came across the transom in the early days of the pandemic, my favorite is still this one: “Because of coronavirus you are going to be quarantined,” booms a loud, deep, disembodied voice to a man awaiting instruction. “But you have a choice.”  The man is ready to consider the options. “Do you….” “A.) Quarantine with your wife and child?” The

As I write this, hospitals in Los Angeles are overwhelmed. A large hospital system will not admit individuals with Do Not Resuscitate orders. Another is not performing organ transplant surgeries. The moment is bleak and I worry for our older parents and all those who may not get the care they need. Throughout this period, I have been asking myself ,“Are we okay right now?” I ask this question in

The popular phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” often is attributed, incorrectly it turns out, to Aristotle, although the great Greek philosopher said something similar that subsequently was misconstrued. More recently, the phrase also was used to explain the foundations of Gestalt theory and to aptly define the modern concept of “synergy” (i.e., an interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater

2020 was, undoubtedly, a very negative year. 2021 will be, we pray and predict, a much more positive year. Here’s the rationale: Write 2021 in words; that’s: TWENTY TWENTY-ONE. Assign numerical values to each letter, using A=1, B=2, … Z=26, and add them. TWENTY TWENTY-ONE gives a total of 248. According to Jewish tradition, there are 613 commandments. Some are positive – things we should do, and some are negative

What’s love got to do with it? When it comes to power – whether it’s held by a person, a group, or a country – the answer is: a lot. In fact, the secret to influence may come down to the power of love. As alum of the Wexner Heritage Program, we have all learned that there are many different ways to exercise leadership and different strategies work for different

The picture shows Kadri Cakrani along with the others in Berat, Albania during the war.  The July 2018, Wexner Foundation newsletter included a piece I authored titled “How Keeping Promises Saved Jews in Albania.” It was about how Albanians, the majority of whom are Muslim, gave refuge to Jews during the 1930’s and ‘40s. Since writing that piece, my involvement with the Albanian diaspora and the people and governments of

I’m seated at the front of the room as co-chair of a committee called Dialogue Initiative. Everyone walks into the room with a mix of enthusiasm and reservation.   We’ve sold the meeting as a place to have difficult conversations, with one big caveat: the goal is not to convince somebody else to change their mind. While our deepest desire may be to learn the tools for persuasive arguments, the goal we have all agreed upon is to learn to listen. The banter will

This year — in this unusual and uncertain year — unable to gather in community I chose instead to pray outside. The words and songs of the service streamed out of my phone, which sat neatly tucked into my tool belt I had been weeding as I prayed along, enjoying the morning sunshine and the cool fall air. I think it was out somewhere between the rows of fading sunflowers

Exploring the concept of ‘separate but equal’ put me in wonder of whether true gender equality could even exist. If men and women identify, are by nature or are commanded differently than one another – in aspirations, in household roles, in behaviors, in characteristics, in job selections, in interests, in required religious and ritual observance – can and do we truly attribute to each the same value? I determined that theoretically we could, but in  how things played out in reality - not even close.

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