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The views expressed in this blog does not necessarily reflect those of The Wexner Foundation. Poland is complicated.  Since returning from a week in and around Warsaw and Krakow last summer, I’ve found that I can’t describe the trip without first establishing this basic fact. A few months ago, I was among eight Jewish leaders from Phoenix, Los Angeles and Seattle who travelled to Poland together as guests of the

Kislev.  Last shabbat and this shabbat — the two that come in the earliest in the year –just after 4 pm. Literally, the darkest time of year. The Torah begins with the creation of light, but the sun and moon were not created until the fourth day.   Our sages explain this discrepancy by suggesting that the light that was created with the first utterance was not the light of the

Feeling like strangers or outsiders isn’t a new experience for the Jewish people.  But when it comes to spending time in the developing world, navigating what makes us different as Jews – our religious or cultural practices, our identity and values – can bring with it unique challenges. What are these challenges – and what are the opportunities – of living Jewishly while serving in the developing world?  Rabbi Zvi