The experiences, opportunities and insights I gained during this crisis went far beyond anything I could have imagined. The division I head is responsible for marketing, publicity and service provision to Maccabi members via three channels: digital, phone and frontal. Thus, there was not a single process which the division wasn’t either leading or significantly involved in. We found ourselves, to an unprecedented degree, able to influence perceptions and moods, as well

People with disabilities account for 20% of the population in Israel and include those with physical, sensory, cognitive and mental disabilities. In recent years, many actions have been taken to promote equality for people with disabilities. At the beginning of the Corona crisis in Israel and around the world, this group was left behind. People with disabilities and their families often found themselves in high-risk groups. Access to information was

For the last seven years, I have woken up each morning determined to bring attention to a crisis in plain sight: tens of thousands of children in New York attend Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox yeshivas that provide little or no general education – that is, instruction in English, math, science and social studies. My initial motivation for this work was personal: I am a Hasidic yeshiva graduate. I grew up in

The world is in transition from an old reality in which growth was based on expanding physical territory, to a new reality based on the expansion of the human mind, science, technology and innovation. The late President Shimon Peres believed that this new world could be more peaceful, as it is not based on the zero-sum rationale of old paradigms, in which countries needed to conquer new territory and exploit

IDF Tank Development team with Maurit Beeri On a blustery February Jerusalem morning, a surprising group assembled at the ALYN Pediatric Rehabilitation Hospital. The entire IDF’s Tank Development Authority listened to an occupational therapist who presented them with a technical challenge that would one day make a difference not in the desert, but in the battlefield of the daily life of a child in a powered wheelchair. After meeting parents and

Botticilli’s Esther stands alone, just outside of the walls of Ahasuerus’ palace. The perspective seems off; she’s taller than the outer walls, gathering the folds of her voluminous dark pink dress in her right arm, her left hand pointing heavenward. She may be heading for a life of royalty, but her hand suggests that she knows who she must ultimately answer to, her life’s mission extends far beyond the limits

It was our first summer as a new Jewish overnight camp. I remember getting an email from a parent, which as a brand-new, first-time camp director, brought some apprehension, especially in our inaugural summer. To my relief, the email was all positive, kvelling about her son’s first experience at summer camp. The camper in question was a 13-year old competitive basketball player so I was expecting the highlights of camp

Park Avenue Synagogue President and WHP Alum Natalie Barth (New York 16) reads a Proclamation from New York City Council during the Rededication Ceremony. With the glow of our Hanukkah menorahs receding in our rearview mirrors, we may ask, what does it mean to rededicate? That was the question Park Avenue Synagogue asked a year ago in advance of completing our expanded and renovated campus. When we completed Phase 1

Recently I was privileged to visit Sesame Place with over 40 Jewish camp professionals. As we gathered near the entrance and the big Sesame Place sign came into view, there was a palpable energy and excitement emanating from this group of adults….they were giddy! This space, marked by the famous street sign and Big Bird’s smiling face, evoked childhood nostalgia and the safety and welcoming feeling of entering Elmo’s neighborhood.

Wexner Summits: The Network In Action is a platform for alumni of all Wexner leadership initiatives to connect, learn and collaborate across our network. Through Summits, Wexner Alumni are exercising leadership by strategizing and stacking hands to take action that moves the needle on the key challenges facing the North American Jewish Community and the State of Israel. The Summit on Gender Safety and Equity, our fifth Summit, was conceived

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