Evan Muney is a Wexner Heritage Alum from San Francisco where he serves on the Executive of the Federation’s Israel and Overseas Committee. He is also a partner in Camp Kimama, an international Jewish summer camp in Israel, where he will be spending this summer and promoting dialogue between Israeli and Diaspora Jews. He would be happy to have visitors. Contact him at evan@campkimama.org. Imagine an Israeli attorney and teacher

Yosef Israel Abramowitz, who blogs daily at www.Peoplehood.org, supported the candidacy of Einat Wilf for President of the World Jewish Congress. He is a member of Kol Dor and lives in the wilderness of the Arava. He can be reached at YosefA@aol.com.   KIBBUTZ KETURA–In one of those biting and perhaps ironic alignments of Torah and public Jewish life, we read Parashat Korah as three contemporary rebellions came to a climax

Susan G. Bluer is a member of Wexner Heritage, San Francisco ’06.  She practices employment discrimination law with her cousin and can be reached at sgbluer@bluerlaw.com. “The personal is political.”  This is one of the first expressions or mottos I recall from my early days as an activist.  Now, some twenty-five years later, this phrase still typifies my approach to activism and leadership.  Too often, we think of leadership in

Rabbi Dr. Barry Wimpfheimer, an alumnus of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship, is Assistant Professor of Religion at Northwestern University. He can be reached at barry.wimpfheimer@gmail.com. The title story of this week’s Torah reading, Parashat Shelach, is the story of the ten spies who persuade their Israelite brethren of the dangers lurking in the Land of Israel. When the people resultantly complain to Moshe and Aharon about their plight, God threatens to

Rabbi Asher Lopatin, an alumnus of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program, is the spiritual leader of Congregation Anshe Sholom Bnai Israel in Chicago, a modern Orthodox synagogue which strives to create a non-judgmental, welcoming environment for all Jews.  He is married to Rachel Tessler Lopatin, a Wexner Graduate and Wexner Heritage alumna, and they have four children. He can be reached at rabbi@asbi.org My wife Rachel and I were all

Shira D. Epstein, Ed.D, an alumna of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program, is an Assistant Professor of Jewish Education at Jewish Theological Seminary. She can be reached at shira_epstein@yahoo.com. I was cast at the age of thirteen in two different productions of  “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”  This is not surprising.  If you study, work in, or support Jewish camps, youth groups, day schools, or retirement homes, chances are that

Cindy Chazan is Vice President and Alumni and Community Development for The Wexner Foundation.  Cindy can be reached at cchazan@wexner.net. How ironic that this column is being written before Passover only to be read in an issue that will come after the holiday. How also ironic that this column is called “I’ve Been Thinking…” when at this very moment I crave thinking time…except to think: how will I get it

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