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Ein Ha’Yam Neighborhood — A Model of Coexistence

Posted on Thursday, August 02, 2018 by Kamil Sari

As part of The Wexner Israel Fellowship alumni conference in July, it was a privilege for me to host a group of participants at the Ein Ha’Yam neighborhood — a mixed Jewish-Arab community in Haifa, where my family has been living for nearly 80 years.   The Ein Ha’Yam circular trail is a grassroots tourism project, envisioned and operated by the residents of Ein Ha’Yam neighborhood in Haifa. The trail was founded in 2011, with the aim of drawing public attenti…


The Hard Work of Being an Orgasmic Leader

Posted on Thursday, August 02, 2018 by Rachel Braun Scherl

Building a business or an organization is hard—many entrepreneurs I work with experience the trials, tribulations, travesties and triumphs of turning their vision into a reality. And it seems that those challenges are exacerbated and different standards are applied when building organizations for Vagipreneurs (people in the business of female sexual health, reproductive health and wellness). But there is so much to be learned from the barrier breakers about staying the course to create cha…


A Message from Israeli "Wexnerim" to Our North American Family

Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 by Nadav Tamir and several members of the Wexner Israel Alumni Community

Dear Wexner Foundation Alumni and Friends,   We, the Israeli Fellowship alumni who experienced a meaningful connection with our Jewish North American brothers & sisters during the time we spent together have learned to appreciate the value of pluralism—both religious & human—that the American Jewish communities hold at their core. Today we cannot be silent. The vast majority of us believe that a connection between the Jewish Diaspora and Israel, the nation state of the…


Navigating between Community and Peoplehood

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2018 by Eric M Robbins

Every leader of a major community organization devotes time to staffing, and when you are not staffed-up, your organization runs at a disadvantage. And every so often, there’s a search that involves soul-searching – a staffing decision that speaks to the core of who we are, and why we must innovate in order to survive and thrive – which is how I would describe my community’s current search for a Director of Global Jewish Peoplehood. Yes, the position involves community v…


Madregot: A Heritage Institute Filled with Creativity and Growth

Posted on Monday, July 16, 2018 by Adam Finkel

Zdravstvuyte. Shalom. Bonjour. Hello.   At the Wexner Heritage Summer Institute the diverse languages, stories and backgrounds of the Jewish narrative were seen in full-force. The Summer Institute, with its theme of “Madregot: Mapping the Jewish Leadership Journey”, culminated this past Friday, July 13th in Snowbird, Utah. There were six cohorts present: those moving up to become alumni -- NY 16, NY RSJ (Russian Speaking Jews)16, Philadelphia 16 -- and those going into their …


Wexner Service Corps Teens Help Out in Houston

Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2018 by Lydia Colvin, Blair Glimcher, Jessie Goldberg, Daniel Griffaton, Sami Handmaker, Ellie Levy, Emily Spector

There is a lot to celebrate after a week of community service in Houston with the sixth cohort of the Wexner Service Corps. We had an incredible group and an amazing experience together! All in all, we served Houston by contributing over 1300 service hours as a group, including 28 hours each of service work and 10 hours each of Jewish learning and reflection. Read on to see a brief snapshot of our week, followed by reflections from some of our outstanding teens.   Service sites:   …


Ten Months After Hurricane Harvey

Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2018 by Margaret Jelinek Lewis

Five months after Harvey, Houston's Jewish Herald Voice ran an article by Margaret Jelinek Lewis entitled "Helping Our Community Recover." She shared the story of her family's immigration from Germany, their struggles settling in New York then Milwaukee where they received assistance from Jewish organizations, including the gift of a piano to her grandmother, to continue her music studies and connect with new neighbors. Then, after Harvey, Margaret and her family also turned to Jewish Family Ser…


Heard Round Wexworld: Mapping the Journey

Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2018 by Natalie Barth, Sheryl Bartos, Darren Findling, Leah Jones, Tatyana Kibrik, Jodi Miller, Brandon Prosansky, Julie Shugarman, Mike Teplitsky, Alex Yaroslavsky

This week's Wexner Heritage Summer Institute brought together groups completing their first year of study (Chicago 17, Detroit 17 and Montreal 17) with the groups that will be finishing the program this evening (New York 16, New York RSJ 16 and Philadelphia 16). The Institute, titled "Madregot: Mapping the Journey" sharpened participants' leadership skills and gave them tools to develop their leadership vision through study, reflection, creativity, experimentation, workshopping, networking and m…


How Keeping Promises Saved Jews in Albania

Posted on Tuesday, July 03, 2018 by Daniel Shure

During my tenure as President of the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Chicago (AICC), I was approached by the Chairman of the main Albanian community organization in Chicago asking if I knew the story of Albania and its Jews. I did not know where this was leading but having long had a fascination with the Balkans I was receptive to hearing him out.   My new Albanian friend wanted me to know that ethnic Albanians, who include many from Kosovo as well as a third of Macedonians, have an a…


Oh Say, Can You See?

Posted on Tuesday, July 03, 2018 by Angie Atkins

I love how The New York Times publishes a facsimile of the Declaration of Independence every July 4th: august and grey-toned, across a two page spread, arresting, even if one reads it on their fold-less phone. I read it through every year and, like most Jewish texts we return to, I find something new in it each time. Yesterday, that document seemed a bit like a Mishna, and the articles around it—possible US Supreme Court nominees, map-shifting new arms agreements and trade wars, …


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