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  •  Participants must commit to attending both meetings:
    • September 18 – 20, 2016 in Columbus, OH
    • October 22 – 24, 2017 in North America, exact location TBD
    • Please note: there will be preparatory work in advance of the first convening this September, group collaboration throughout the year and continued efforts beyond the program as well.


  • Alumni of all Wexner Leadership Initiatives who have a special volunteer, professional or personal interest in this topic should apply (unfortunately, we are unable to include spouses/partners).
  • Participants will be selected from among alumni of our four major programs (Wexner Heritage, Wexner Senior Leadership, Wexner Israel Fellowship, and the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars).
  • All programmatic, hotel, food and airfare expenses will be covered by The Wexner Foundation.
  • Participants will be asked to contribute a $180 nonrefundable commitment fee.
  • Participants must attend both Summits and be prepared to engage in ongoing work between and after Summits.

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Applications are due by June 6.

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Inspired by the exhortations in the Torah and the books of the Prophets, social justice — as an abstract ideal and a concrete set of actions — has long been a cornerstone of the Jewish people’s value system and contribution to humanity.  The precise meanings and applications of social justice have evolved throughout history and are still expressed in a variety of ways, including today where the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel invokes tzedek as a guiding ethic of the State, while the phrase “tikun olam” has become a rallying cry for large sections of North American Jewry.

In the various forms and terms applied to it, pursuing a more just world remains at the heart of many individual and organizational efforts in the Jewish community and Israel.  In the 21st century, when some traditional modes of Jewish identity appear to be on the wane, social justice remains a compelling force and reason to identify with Jewish tradition and Jewish community for many of our people.  How can we amplify the impact and strengthen the connecting power of the various social justice efforts undertaken by both Israeli communities and Jewish communities in North America?

Building on the strength of our inaugural Summit on the Israel-North American Jewish community relationship, we are eager to invite stakeholders in the Jewish social justice space to work together to identify common goals and values and participate in our next Summit. Commitments and work that emerge from this Summit will aim to strengthen our individual and collective efforts at pursuing justice, both for its own sake and for the sake of leading the Jewish people to embrace its responsibility and its destiny more fully.