Pictured above is The Wexner Foundation staff. Top row from left to right: Rachel Sosin, Linda Smith, Rabbi Michael Emerson, Rabbi Ben Berger, Rabbi Jay Moses, Elisha Gechter, Ra’anan Avital, Or Mars. Second row from left to right: Noam Soker, Lori Baron, Keren Zefania, Dana Savoray-Hadar, Stefanie Zelkind, Becca Thomas, Ruthie Warshenbrot and Rabbi Elka Abrahamson. Front row from left to right: Jaclyn Szaruga, Angie Atkins, Tal Kedmi Winbrom, Dara

Rabbi Jay Moses, Vice President of the Wexner Foundation, held a meeting in his sukkah alongside Wexner Heritage Alum Danny Kayne (Columbus 93). The festival of Sukkot may have ended, but we wanted to highlight a few ways Wexner alumni and staff took time to enjoy the holiday and celebrate with family and friends in their sukkahs. Not even a “Suknado,” the powerful thunderstorm that came through Columbus, could stop

I arrived in Uman, the site of Nachman of Bratzlav’s grave, on the Friday afternoon before Rosh HaShanah. In 1810, just before he died, Rebbe Nachman had said to his followers that they should spend Rosh Hashanah with him, at the grave, or Ziyon as it is called. Unlike all other Chassidic groups, Rebbe Nachman left no one to be the next Rebbe and so he was the last, and

Thanks to Dr. Erica Brown for sharing these insightful videos about the story of Jonah, traditionally read on Yom Kippur. These 12 minute gems are based on her book Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet (Maggid Books). You can view Part 1 by clicking on the link above to the video, and can see Part 2 here.

Sep 2018

L’Shana Tova

Elul 15: Sins of Past In college I was the “big man on campus.” Well, not all of campus… just Hillel. One guy always bothered me. He wanted the glory of leading services on Friday nights (Kabbalat Shabbat) for the big crowd at Hillel, but he never showed up when we needed people at Hillel for services on Shabbat mornings. In fact, he committed the ultimate crime: going to Young

I love how The New York Times publishes a facsimile of the Declaration of Independence every July 4th: august and grey-toned, across a two page spread, arresting, even if one reads it on their fold-less phone. I read it through every year and, like most Jewish texts we return to, I find something new in it each time. Yesterday, that document seemed a bit like a Mishna, and the articles

Photo Above: 20,000 millennials and Gen Z have lit this candle since yesterday (along with 50,000 others) Three years ago, I created an interactive website called Illuminate to encourage the commemoration of Yom HaShoah.  As a filmmaker, this was new territory for me.  Films, by their nature, change in their creation: rewrites, re-shoots, reedits.  But once you launch them into the world, their beauty and their blemish become fixed. With technology,

Apr 2018

We Remember

In Photo: 2008 reunion of Yossi Shedlinski (left) of Israel and his first cousin, Tadeusz Hochberg of Kozalin, Poland. As I anticipate our community wide Yom HaShoah Commemoration this Sunday, coordinated by The Holocaust Museum Houston, of which I am one of the proud founders, I am overwhelmed with emotion. On the global level I will remember the incomparable number of six million murdered fellow Jews, but I also have a more

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…Life in the realm is good.  Turmoil has not yet engulfed the empire.  But soon, it will be a dark time.  Evil will be everywhere.  A rebellion will be needed to destroy the Death Star.  Pursued by the empire’s sinister agent, a princess has a plan that can save her people and restore freedom.  Resistance depends on the Jedi and the