Last week, The Wexner Foundation held a day of activities at the Knesset to welcome the seven new Wexner Israel Fellows who will begin their studies this fall in Cambridge, MA at Harvard’s Kennedy School (HKS).  Prior to the public ceremony, Deborah Housen-Couriel, Director of the Wexner Israel Fellowship Program (WIFP), held a leadership learning session. The fellows reflected on their definitions of leadership and shared their hopes and aspirations

Class 25 of the Wexner Israel Fellowship has been chosen for the upcoming year at Harvard’s Kennedy School. Fellows will begin their year of studies for a Master’s degree in Public Administration this July, together with approximately 230 public sector leaders from 90 countries around the globe. Beyond the Harvard curriculum, the fellowship year will include leadership learning under the auspices of the Foundation, including: a weekly co-curricular meeting together

Last week the Wexner Israel Fellowship held its annual Alumni Institute in Haifa and had a record attendance.  Highlights included the WIF Alumni Band, featuring Dr. Itamar Offer (Class 12) on saxophone, and Tsachi Mushkin (Class 14) Band Maestro, drummer and singer. Dana Savoray, Chair of the Wexner Israel Fellowship Alumni Council (Class 17) presented the Council’s first Civil Service Innovation Prize to Gil Avriel, awarded for his plan to

The Wexner Foundation is proud to be expanding our work supporting public service leaders in Israel.  In addition to our long-standing Wexner Israel Fellowship Program at Harvard, we are in the process of recruiting the inaugural cohort for the Wexner Senior Leadership Program (WSLP), an executive style program which will launch in the winter of 2015. Both of these initiatives leverage our close partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School and

The Wexner Israel Fellowship Alumni (WIFA) Institute is meeting as we go to press in Nazareth, Israel. The annual three day gathering is planned by alumni in conjunction with The Wexner Foundation staff. This year’s Institute is titled: “How Do We Create Public Policy for a Jewish and Democratic State in a Diverse Society?”  The Institute began on Wednesday with greetings from Nazareth’s Mayor, the Honorable Mr. Ali Salam. Topics

Pictured: A number of the Wexner Israel Fellows in Class 25, currently studying at Harvard’s Kennedy School The Wexner Israel Fellowship Program is welcoming applications for the academic year of 2014-15 at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government (HKS). The Program is designed for top-level Israeli public sector officials currently working in the civil service, in the public health sector, the IDF, and Israel’s third sector. Up to ten Israelis have

Wexner Israel Fellowship Class 25, with Harvard Faculty Chair Professor Brian Mandell, meet Robert Kraft at a preseason game for his NFL football team, the New England Patriots, in a room full of Super Bowl and other trophies. Class 25 of the Wexner Israel Fellowship kicked off their Harvard school year with the quintessential American experience last week: an American football game. Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots,

The Wexner Foundation is pleased to announce that Class 27 of the Wexner Israel Fellowship has been chosen for the upcoming year at the Harvard Kennedy School.  Fellows will begin their year of studies for a Master’s in Public Administration this July, together with approximately 200 public sector leaders from 90 countries around the globe.  Based at the Center for Public Leadership, where 100 fellows from 26 countries will come

 In photo (left to right): WHA Archie Gottesman (MetroWest 08) and WIF Esti Shelly (Class 26)   Last week we had the pleasure of bringing together ​current Wexner Israel Fellows (Class 26) with a wonderful group of Wexner Heritage and Graduate Fellowship alumni in New York City. We loved seeing the connections begin and received emails from participants effusively expressing how meaningful and substantive they found the conversations. Our time

 קרן וקסנר מתכבדת להזמינכם לארוע קבלת הפנים של כיתה 28   הארוע יתקיים במכון ון ליר בירושלים רח’ ז’בוטינסקי 43, ירושלים בבניין האקדמיה על שם פולנסקי יום ב’, כ”ט באייר תשע”ו, ה-6 ביוני 2016 בין השעות 17:00-19:00.    תכנית הערב: קבלת פנים  דברי ברכה- יו”ר הועדה המייעצת של קרן וקסנר, אלוף במיל’ עידו נחושתן הצגת כיתה 28- מנכ”ל הקרן בישראל, רענן אביטל דברי ברכה ליוצאים להרווארד- גיל אבריאל (כיתה 26)