In just a few weeks, 58 Wexner alumni from all of our programs will gather for a Summit on Civil Discourse. These leaders come together to address a deepening crisis: the increasing inability for those of us in the Jewish community, in Israel and in our wider world to communicate respectfully across difference.

Recently, Rabbi Jay Henry Moses, Vice President of the Foundation, gave a “FEDtalk” at the Campaign Kickoff event for the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver. Entitled “Civil Discourse: Our Jewish Roots, Our Jewish Future,” the talk outlines the contours of the current crisis in our community, and suggests ways we can access and employ the centuries-old Jewish tradition of vigorous but respectful dissent. Participants in the upcoming Summit will learn skills for convening and facilitating conversations on sensitive issues, and commit to applying those skills back home. 

To watch Jay’s talk, click on the picture above this article.