In 2015, the 30th Anniversary celebration of The Wexner Foundation in Columbus, Ohio was a hard reset for me. Change leaders Patti Bellinger, Sasha Chanoff, Jonathan Greenblatt, Mike Feinberg and Foundation Co-Chairman Abigail S. Wexner championed transformative leadership, utilizing resources to launch social venture initiatives and tackling problems by practicing systemic thinking,  using leadership skillsets to work together to solve problems. I remember a room full of passion and hope, and I also remember sitting back in my chair thinking, I know now how to be the change that I want see in the world, but I don’t know how to get there. 

One year after that celebration, I decided to help my friend Scott Bennett launch Skratch in Dallas-Fort Worth (Co-Founder Ronen Akiva).  Having worked as a teen in high school and throughout college, I was drawn to the mission of the business and compelled to join the start-up. Skratch is a for-profit, for-good company that I believe will change the landscape of how today’s teens enter the workforce.  It’s a mobile application in the gig economy marketplace that connects teens with local adult neighbors to accomplish odd jobs, or task-based work.  

The app provides streamlined payment, tracks history and creates a first resume for teen users.  It solves a relevant solution to a 40-year-old problem — the decline of teens participating in the workforce.  We believe we have a responsibility to encourage teens to earn while doing what they love; furthermore, doing what brings them happiness.  We closely evaluate every transaction to understand how the platform can best meet the needs of adults and teens.

As we forge ahead in Dallas, I continually draw strength from my Wexner leadership experience. The messages of change leadership that I was exposed to two years ago resonate today and influence my contributions to our business. I now appreciate the journey of those who navigated the very rough waters of the start-up world. Skratch recently participated in the Dallas Social Venture Partner’s BigBang! — a three-day conference — driving social impact awareness and deeper conversations about social innovation in Dallas. This coming week, Skratch will formally accept the prize for winning the Quick Pitch competition.

It’s incredibly thrilling to be completely immersed and wholeheartedly driven to the success of Skratch. The founders’ approach to problem-solving is collaborative and inclusive and they value creative contributions from our entire team, including our high school interns! It brings me much happiness and satisfaction to represent this forward-thinking company that is solving our economy’s shortcomings and making a true social impact. Any questions, feel free to email.

WHP Alum Lindsay Feldman (Dallas 13) is Director of Strategic Partnerships for Skratch. In this role, Lindsay cultivates relationships with Seekers and Parents of Future Skratchers. As an educator, Lindsay has spent her entire career building community, networking individuals to countless community resources and facilitating improved partnerships between organizations. Lindsay currently serves on the Board of Directors for Camp Young Judaea Texas and the Jewish Community Center of Dallas.  Lindsay holds a BA in Communication Sciences & Disorders from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA in Family-Centered Early Education from Gallaudet University.