Apr 2017


After seeing and celebrating the tremendous excitement generated by having so many of our alumni together in one place for the 30th Anniversary in Columbus, we are making a big push to empower you to keep that magic going. You may have heard President Elka Abrahamson’s one “ask” of you, delivered at our closing session (available on video under our resources section): “If you want to thank us, update your profiles.” Plain and simple — no Talmudic exegesis needed. Please login to our website and update your profile, just like you most likely do on LinkedIN or Facebook. You are responsible for what people will see, so unless your old photo looks like Jack Nicholson, you may want to consider updating it. If you have recently taken on a new Board position, let the network know so that you won’t be left out of conversations. If you want to crowd source an idea, search by key word and feel free to leverage the network (no solicitations). 

Keep your profile up to date and search for others. Our network is a power tool — please use it.

The Wexner Member Search was developed to enhance networking, interactivity, communication, alliance building, collaboration, brain trusts and a virtual community across all three of the Foundation programs’ participants.  CONNECT.

Click here to learn how to update your profile or ​email Serena Covkin or Aliza Storchan for help. ​They will soon be emailing or calling ​those of you who have not updated your profiles. 

As you, our WexLEADERS, update your profiles, you will also be able to yield better search results, enabling the communities that Les and Abigail have been building for ​30 years to leverage each other’s talent, expertise, vision, access, creativity and wherewithal. Click on “CONNECT” to find your counterparts across our exclusive network.  If other WexLEADERS find and contact you, we are certain that engaging with them will yield tremendous results for Israel and the Jewish people.