After attending an absolutely shocking BDS seminar, I decided to create a pro-Israel comic to educate people through humor.  Having worked as a prosecuting attorney, I appreciate zealous advocacy, however, through my life experience, I have come to see that often humor is actually more effective.  When I argue facts that I feel unquestionably defend Israeli actions or policy in my own liberal community, people just tune me out and shut down.

So, I created Zionist Pugs to promote Israel and explain the situation in the Middle East through cartoons and humor.  (I even apparently have some machine-gun toting anti-Semites following my Zionist Pugs Facebook page — I suspect they thought they were following “Zionist Pigs.” ) 

I create all of the artwork and the copy.  I wanted to share my project with my fellow Wexner alumni. I hope you’ll follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @Zionist Pugs.  Even if you disagree, perhaps we can begin a dialogue and maybe even laugh together.  To read my Op Ed detailing my experience at the BDS conference, click here.

Anastasia Steinberg Torres-Gil, WHP Alum (San Francisco 3), creates & implements strategic plans for community outreach (English & Spanish) using social & traditional media through her company,  She can be reached at or through Zionist Pugs.