I am excited to be involved with the Global Day of Jewish Learning and invite you all to participate. It is taking place this Sunday, November 17, in more than 380 communities in 37 countries, with more joining every day. The Global Day of Jewish Learning is just one of the ways the Aleph Society furthers Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz’s mission – “Let My People Know”. This year, the Global Day program is highlighting some of the best faculty online for free, via Google, to reach even the most remote participants. The program, which is called 24×24 — 24 teachers in 24 hours — is a very creative use of technology and highly pluralistic. It offers serious content, and a lot of choice, including teachers in 7 different languages.

One thing above all that deeply inspired me at Wexner, is how our collective dedication to Jewish learning binds and inspires us, and helps us bridge differences.  I hope you will join the many who intend to learn this coming Sunday. Oh, and full disclosure from a proud papa –  my daughter, Maya Bernstein (married to WGF alum Rabbi Dr. Noam Silverman, Class 17) is one of the 24 teachers.

Dr. Lewis Bernstein, a Wexner Heritage Alum from NY1, is currently the Executive Vice President of Education, Research and Outreach at Sesame Workshop. Previously, Lewis served as the executive producer of “Sesame Street”, the nonprofit organization’s most beloved and widely known series. The series continues to focus globally on preparing all children, especially lower income preschool children, to reach their highest potential, be ready for school, regulate their emotions, and use their words to resolve conflict. His work won him and the Workshop three Emmy awards.