Noa Asher, alum of The WIF (Class 22), on becoming Trade Representative for the Ministry of Economics in Israel’s Embassy in Japan.

Moshe Elad, alum of The WIF (Class 6), on his book, “The Core Problems in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict.”  (Haifa: Pardes Publishers, 2014).

Uri Gordin, alum of The WIF (Class 22), on being appointed Commander of Israel’s NACHAL Brigade.

Shira Hammerman, alum of The WGF (Class 19), for being honored at the Areyvut Third Annual Bergen County Breakfast.

Sara Paasche-Orlow, alum of The WGF (Class 3), for being honored by The Synagogue Council of Massachusetts in their third Annual Tribute Celebration.

Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, alum of The WGF (Class 4), for being honored at the Auburn Theological Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Breakfast, in New York.

Adi Nir Sagi, alum of The WIF (Class 10), on being appointed Director-General of the Mandel Center for Leadership in the Negev.

Jeffrey Schwarz, alum of The WHP (NY/Seagram), for being honored at the Annual Evening “Table-less Tisch” to benefit Moving Traditions.

Scott Sokol, alum of The WGF (Class 6), on receiving the Benjamin Shevach Award from Hebrew College, in Boston.

Akiva Tor,  alum of The WIF (Class 14), on being appointed Division Head in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Diaspora and Religious Affairs.

Irving  Weintraub, alum of The WHP (Los Angeles 1), for being honored by Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue for his role as immediate past president.

Sharon Avraham-Weiss, alum of The WIF (Class 23), on becoming the Executive Director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.

Shmuly Yanklowitz, alum of The WGF (Class 19), on the recent publishing of his books “Spiritual Courage: Vignettes on Jewish Leadership for the 21st Century,” and “Bringing Heaven Down To Earth: Jewish Ethics for an Evolving and Complex World.” (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014).



Elka Abrahamson, President of The Wexner Foundation, and her husband Misha Zinkow, on the engagement of their son Elan to Orly Nussbaum of Chicago.

Maksim Berger, member of The WHP (New York RSJ), and his wife Irina on the birth of a baby boy, Matthew Jacob Berger.

Jessica Fechtor, alum of The WGF (Class 18), and her husband, Eli, on the birth of a daughter, Frieda “Freddie” Rose, (Frayda Nitzan) Schleifer.

Rebecca Gold, alum of The WHP (MetroWest NJ, 08), and her husband Mitchell, on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Jonathan.

Gideon Pollack, alum of The WHP (Montreal 09), and his wife, Lisa, on the birth of a son, Abraham Cyrus, (Shai Avraham) Pollack.

Jennie Rosenfeld, alum of The WGF (Class 14), and her husband, Pinchas, on the birth of a son, Avraham Naveh Roth.

Howard Weiner,  alum of The WHP (Connecticut), and his wife, Patti, on the birth of a grandson, Spencer Davis Weiner.


Fred Hyman, alum of The WGF (Class 1), on the death of his mother, Stella L. Hyman z”l.

Alayne Sulkin, alum of The WHP (Seattle), on the death of her father, Sheldon Williams z”l.