Ted Blum, WHA (Atlanta 10), and his wife Leah on being honored by The Epstein School: Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta.

Rachel Braun Scherl, WHA (MetroWest NJ, 08), on being named one of the 2015 Best 50 Women in Business by NJBIZ.

Marci Glazer, WHA (SF 11), on being named CEO of the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

Steven Goldstein, WHA (Phoenix), on being honored by Congregation Or Tzion in Phoenix.

Rebecca Kobrin, WGFA (Class 7), on receiving a Distinguished Columbia Faculty Award from Columbia University.

Josh Schwartz, WGFA (Class 22), on receiving a Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.

Howard Weiner, WHA (Connecticut), and his wife Patti on being honored by Beth El Temple of West Hartford, CT. 

Amy Wildstein, WHA (Miami 11), on receiving the Stanley C. Myers Presidents’ Leadership Award for outstanding community work and leadership in Greater Miami.


Stacey Brown, WHA (MetroWest, NJ 08), and her husband Daniel on the birth of their daughter, Rachel Aviva.

Cheryl Brownstein, WHA (Montreal), and Rick Schreiber, WHA (Vancouver), on their marriage. 

Noah Cheses, WGFA (Class 21), and his wife Sarah on the birth of their daughter, Orly Sivan. 

Zev Eleff, WGFA (Class 22), and his wife Melissa on the birth of their son, Jack.

Michael Emerson, WGFA (Class 23), and his wife Adina Bitton on the birth of their daughter, Lital Batya.

Josh Joseph, WHA (SF 14), and his wife Gabby on the birth of their daughter, Sasha Simone.

Asher Lopatin, WGFA (Class 5), and Rachel Tessler Lopatin, WGFA (Class 3) and WHA (Chicago Pro-99), on the bat mitzvah of their daughter, Cara. 

Ron Moses, WHA (Houston 06), on his marriage to Michelle Goldberg. 

Julie Pelc Adler, WGFA (Class 13), and her husband Amitai Adler on the birth of their daughter, Maya Shira Lilah. 

Shana Russo, WHA (Miami 11), and her husband Jacob on the birth of their son, Joshua Rafael. 



Wendy Berger ShapiroWHA (Chicago 06), on the death of her husband, David Shapiro z”l.

Robert Bildner, WHA (MetroWest), and Elisa Spungen Bildner, WHA (MetroWest), on the death of Robert’s father, Allen Bildner z”l.  

Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, WGFA (Class 1), on the death of her sister, Miriam “Yummie” Gelfand Oberstein z”l. 

Steve Feldstein, WHA (SF 3), on the death of his mother, Midge Feldstein z”l. 

Gayle Levine Schindler, WHA (Washington), on the death of her father, David Levine  z”l.

Amber Powers, WGFA (Class 9), on the death of her father, Stephen Powers z”l. 

Leah Strigler, WGFA (Class 5), on the death of her mother, Esther Strigler z”l. 


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