Our deepest condolences to the Rifkind family on the death of David Rifkind, WHP Alum (Los Angeles 2). 


Rafi Cashman, WGF Alum (Class 22), on becoming Head of School at Netivot HaTorah Day School.

Zev Eleff, WGF Alum (Class 22), on being a 2016 National Jewish Book Council Award finalist for his book, Who Rules the Synagogue?: Religious Authority and the Formation of American Judaism.

Fran Gordon, WHP Alum (Cleveland 2), for being honored by the Zamir Choral Foundation’s gala concert.

Shira Hammerman, WGF Alum (Class 19), on graduating from NYU’s Doctoral Program in Education and Jewish Studies.

Ami Hersh, WGF Alum (Class 19), on becoming Director of Ramah Nyack.

Leon Morris, WGF Alum (Class 4), on becoming the President of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.

Seth Wong, WHP Alum (Denver 14), on receiving the Denver Business Journal’s 40 under 40 award.


Nina Butler, WGF Alum (Class 8), and her husband Dan on the birth of their granddaughter Mayatl Tzivia.

Beth Cousens, WGF Alum (Class 14), and her husband, Joel Aufrecht on the birth of their daughter Gisela.

Yoni Heilman, WGF Alum (Class 25), and his wife Gabrielle on the birth of their daughter Eden Tzofia. 

Janice Kamenir-Reznik, WHP Alum (Westfield), and her husband Benjamin on the birth of their first grandson.

Oren Magnezy, WIF Alum (Class 18), and his wife Debbie on the birth of their son.

Sarah Ossey, WGF Alum (Class 22), and her husband Jason on the birth of their daughter Aliza Tal.

Michael Sosebee, WHP Alum (East Bay 10), and his wife Deborah on the birth of their grandchild.

Elana Bernstein Storch, WHP Alum (Phoenix), and her husband Daniel on the marriage of her daughter Julianna to Ruben Cohen.

Avi Narrow Tilonsky, WGF Alum (Class 20), on his engagement to Atara Oren.

Josh Waxman, WGF Alum (Class 11), and his wife Aimee Kahan on the bat mitzvah of their daughter Yael Ma’ayan.

Dov Weiss, WGF Alum (Class 8), and his wife Shayndi Raice on the birth of their son Moshe Elimelech.

Dinah Zeltzer Winant, WGF Alum (Class 11), and her husband Edward on the birth of their daughter Freyja Ma’ayan.


Shir Yaakov Feit, WGF Fellow (Class 29), on the death of his sister Laurie z”l.

Iris Wagner, WHP Alum (Montreal), on the death of her mother Shirley z”l.

Mira Wasserman, WGF Alum (Class 7), on the death of her father Howard z”l.